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Using Your Bean to Market Your Grain | KTIC Radio

Using Your Bean to Market Your Grain

Using Your Bean to Market Your Grain

Featuring Jeff Peterson, Heartland Farm Partners in Lincoln

Using your Bean to Market your Grain…. today we start
the series on creating your marketing plan…. today’s topics include
how do you figure your production, how to estimate your cost of
production, and where break evens come into the discussion….


Using your Bean to Market your Grain…. this is the start of a multi-week series on developing your marketing plan…. today Jeff lays out the basics of what is all in a marketing plan…. next week we’ll start to examine each of those segments related to production and business decisions….

This is part 3 of a 3 part series on WHO is a part of your marketing plan… today we highlight the market advisor and their ability to help with futures and options, we discuss news and information services and what they put out, a quick highlight on managed bushels programs, and bring it all together at the end. Next week we start a series on using these people to help put together your individual marketing plan.


This is week 2 of a 3 part series on the WHO in your marketing plan…. last week we talked about the local grain buyer… this week we cover the commodity broker and market advisor roles in a marketing plan…. Next week we’ll talk more specifics of the market advisor and we’ll also highlight information sources that you can use in your plan…

Leading up to a discussion about elements of a marketing plan and how to follow though on that plan, we’re going to spend the next several weeks talking about WHO is involved in your marketing plan…. WHO do you enlist in your brain-trust in order to help you market your grain? Today we start with the “grain buyer”…. More to come over the next 2 weeks….

This week we take the WASDE numbers from USDA yesterday and put them into our price projections…. based on past performance and the current stocks to use ratio, futures prices for corn and soybeans could arguably be undervalued…. listen for more!

This is part 1 of a 2 part series on how we step back and look at our marketing plan…. we’re transitioning from harvest sales to post-harvest sales, and there’s a few ways we can evaluate how well our marketing plan is performing….

Part 2 of our series on evaluating your marketing plan… this week we talk about creating realistic price expectations, or fair market value based on supply and demand, and what we can do, even if we’ve done pre-harvest sales, as the prices are going higher….

Last week we talked about the USDA Baseline numbers that were going to be released a week ago. Now that they are out, what do they tell us? Jeff also highlights how this baseline information can be used to update price targets in our marketing plan….

Insight into today’s USDA Baseline projections… USDA will attempt to lay out what the next 10 years will look like from a production ag standpoint… using economic information we know now. Jeff and I talk about why the report was created, what’s included in the report, and what it means to our marketing plan on the farm. Next week Jeff and I will break down the major themes of the report and put the information into context of what we know now.

This week we look at the carry situation in the markets, what’s its function, how does this year’s carry compare to other years, and what is does the carry tell us about what’s happening in the markets….

This week we talk about managing basis, what are the factors that influence basis, what can it mean to your bottom line, and how do you go about adding that value to your bushels….

This week we try and tie up some loose ends in our marketing plan since the soybean harvest is pretty much wrapped up, we know more information about our soybean production…. and we are well into corn harvest…. This week we talk about rolling out HTA contracts, setting basis, and what to do with unpriced or over-run bushels….

Using your Bean to market your grain – recapping today’s production
numbers and WASDE report from USDA, where were the surprises on yield and demand, and what do we watch from here….

Using your Bean to Market your Grain – today we recap the
quarterly stocks report out from USDA on Wednesday, how they gather the data, how the market reacted to the data, and how we use the information in our marketing plan by updating our price projections. The report also stirred up some dust on social media… Why is that significant?  Listen and find out!

Using your Bean to Market your Grain – Last week we took the most
recent USDA information from the WASDE and crop production information to update our price projections for soybeans…this week we do the same Corn, and talk about what future opportunities there are to update our price projections….


Using your Bean to Market your grain – now that we have the latest
USDA information, including crop production information and demand estimates, it’s time to put together realistic price projections and come up with a plan to sell into this market. This week we analyze the price projections for soybeans.

Using your Bean to Market your Grain – We recap today’s WASDE report and updated production information and put it into context of today’s market….

UYB2MYG – Using your Bean to Market Your Grain – setting up the
September WASDE report and how USDA will calculate the corn yield….
part 1 of a 3 part series….

Using your Bean to Market your Grain – Part 2 on our preview of
the September WASDE Report, and how USDA will determine the soybean yield in next week’s report.

Using your Bean – the process of how the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour comes up with their numbers that they released this week.

Using your Bean to Market your Grain – a segment that dives deep into the most recent WASDE report…. more than just what came out of the report, but more on how the report was put together combining farmer surveys and satellite imagery….

A very important fundamental factor for the
markets these days is the projected yield for 2020 corn and soybeans… this week we talk about how USDA comes up with a yield estimate in their reports, how the process changes for August, and how to put that information into perspective…..

Using your Bean to Market your Grain – part 1 on a series on the Dalian Commodity Exchange in China…. what it is, when they trade, and some of the specifics related to their corn trade…. part 2 next week we’ll examine some soybean values, and also compare the value of their grain to grains sold off the farm here in the U.S.

Part 2 on the Dalian Grain Exchange in China and comparing US corn prices to that which is being sold in China…

Using your Bean to Market your Grain – part 1 of 2 on recognizing a weather market in grain marketing…. We talk about how a weather market develops, what we’ve learned from past weather markets, and avoiding the fear of missing out on higher prices.

Using your Bean to market your Grain – Part 2 of our series on the
Weather Markets…. this week on following the Funds, figuring
break evens, leading to pulling the trigger on making sales, and what
weather markets ultimately mean for our marketing plan.

Using your Bean – part 1 of a program on the acreage report that comes out on Tuesday June 30 from USDA…. what is it, how is it used, and how does USDA get the info… next week we will examine the data that USDA put out and discuss how to use the data in our marketing plan….
June 19, 2020

Part 2 of the series on the acreage report and quarterly stocks report…. how we take USDA’s numbers and create reasonable price objectives, then using that information to actually price grain…
July 2, 2020

Part 1 of a 2 part series on “The Export Sales Report”…. Some historical background on the report, how it got started, the various components of the report, when those components come out, and how the reports are compiled….. next week we’ll talk about how this information can be used in our overall grain marketing plan.
June 12, 2020

Part 2 of our conversation about using the export sales and export shipment numbers as a part of our marketing plan…. today we talk about the impact of these reports on grain prices, tracking the numbers, and how to use the numbers to reinforce price targets and make sales.
June 19, 2020


Using the weekly ethanol data from EIA as part of a decision making process.
June 5, 2020


Today we start on part 1 of a 2 part series on using the weekly crop progress report in your marketing plan. Today’s highlights include what are the elements of the weekly crop progress report and the many reasons why it is important.

May 22, 2020

Part 2 of a series on using the weekly crop progress report as a tool in your marketing plan… Jeff will highlight how data like to soil moisture and the crop condition ratings can help develop a best guess on grain production… use that with other data and you can build your own price projections.

May 29, 2020


Over the last 2 months we’ve talked about participants in the markets, defining the fundamentals in the futures, and how these have an impact to our grain marketing plan. Today we take the fundamentals from this week’s USDA WASDE report and use it to make some best-guess price projections.
May 15, 2020


This is part 1 of a short series on using basis in your grain marketing plan, covering what is basis and why it’s important to track it.
May 1, 2020

This is part 2 on basis, including what benefits come from tracking basis, how do you track basis, and how do you use basis in a marketing plan.
May 8, 2020


Introduction to The Futures Markets…. why they are important, their purposes, and who are the participants in the futures markets.
March 27, 2020

Part 2 – more about the participants in the futures markets, hedgers and speculators, what roll do they play, and why is that important.
April 3, 2020

Part 3 – Everyone has heard about “the technicals” in the futures, what are they and why are they important>
April 10, 2020

Part 4 – There are also fundamentals traders in the futures markets, what are they and why are they important.
April 17, 2020

Part 5 – Tie this all together, how can you use both the technicals and the fundamentals in your grain marketing plan.
April 24, 2020


Details on creating a written marketing plan, what’s in it, why do we do it, and laying out the “outline” for the next few weeks…

Continuing the conversation about developing a written marketing plan with focus on the production side of your plan…

Continuing the conversation about a written marketing plan, covering storage, delivery, and crop insurance today…


January 17, 2020

Continuing the conversation about developing a written marketing plan, this week…. deciding on pre- or post-harvest marketing….


January 24, 2020

Continuing our conversation about developing a written marketing plan…. today discussing the triggers that drive us to make grain sales….

January 31, 2020

Using your Bean to Market your Grain….. the next step in building your marketing plan is deciding which contract you will use to market your grain….

February 07, 2020

with Jeff Peterson, Heartland Farm Partners in Lincoln…. wrapping up on building and executing your marketing plan… today’s highlights include keeping track of the progress of your marketing plan and why we take so much time to do this and get it right for your operation….

February 14, 2020

with Jeff Peterson, Heartland Farm Partners in Lincoln…. Pre-harvest sales are an important part of your marketing plan, but how do you overcome the fear of not producing a crop? We tackle that question in today’s program….

February 21, 2020

with Jeff Peterson, Heartland Farm Partners in Lincoln…. continuing our conversation about overcoming the fear of making pre-harvest grain sales… this week we focus on the fear of missing out on higher prices….

February 28, 2020

Using USDA’s Outlook Forum numbers in our marketing plan

March 6, 2020

Crop Insurance spring prices are set… so what do we do with them? This is the first of a 2 part series on using crop insurance this year in our marketing plan….

March 13, 2020

Part 2 on how crop insurance fits into your overall risk management plan, and a few examples of how this works.

March 20, 2020

Today we talk about the emotion of the market, impact on local markets (ethanol, for example), ways to generate cash if needed, and how to handle unsold bushels of grain.