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Mixed market trade.  Slow down ahead of the last trading day of 2019.

Ethanol market…DDG’s & cattle.  Thoughts on going into 2020 & the first quarter.  Wheat & Phase One…it seems to be forgotten about with all the trade talks.  Looking at South American crop & world numbers.

End of year is near.  Today the markets focused on the KC Wheat-they are at the top.  Is this long term?  South American production on beans-FINALLY the markets are starting to talk about it.  Brazilian farmers mind set.  Generational changes for Brazil.  What will you be seeing on your trip?  How do we get that mind set focus here?  Quiet export markets…comes as no surprise with the end of year/trade deals being worked out.

Lower grains in the trade.  Big trade factors today include the FEDS Statement, Brexit & China tariff deadline.  What will happen between now & Sunday with China & how will the markets
continue to watch.  Brazilian weather for the most part is pretty good.  Argentina has some heat, but showers are possible.  Livestock ASF, getting reports of an uptick in breakouts in China-not official but being talked about on the ground.

USMCA.  Higher grain numbers…did the Chinese numbers get faded out?  WASDE report.   Chinese production numbers corn & wheat were higher.  Final USDA Crop Progress report for 2019. Dollar traded lower.  Livestock…USDA cut in exports for beef & pork.  Chinese hog heard is starting to rebuild. Cattle markets & weights.