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Arlan Suderman, Chief Economist for Stone X, joins the Fontanelle Final Bell on Wednesday. Being the last full trading day of the week with no markets on Thursday and a half day Friday traders looked to take profit in the grain markets. As Suderman explains traders are likely stepping away from the office for the next few days and don’t want too many positions exposed to headlines while they are away.

The supply side of the story continues to be in control for the grains though with South America still in the grip of La Nina. However Suderman warns that previous La Nina’s have shifted enough moisture into Northern Brazil to help offset Southern production losses.

The broader market is also very active currently with traders working between increasing lockdowns and vaccine hopes.

Catch the full conversation with Suderman here:

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  • Why did the corn and soybean markets pull back so much over the last week and are now higher on election day?
  • What is the latest on export demand for corn?
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  • Will South American weather become a bigger issue down the road?
  • Any estimates for the WASDE report next week?