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You remember several weeks ago when Dwight Lane and Doug Anderson announced the winners in the KTIC “Light Up Summer” promotion. The gas grill won by LaVonne Johnson of Wisner already has a new home, thanks to her donation made to the Wisner Senior Center. Johnson says she was very happy to receive the grill, but already had a smoker and small grill at home, but then this idea came to her….

09-15-20 LJohnson Donate Grill :20

Tuesday was the first day the Senior Center used the grill for hamburgers, hot dogs, and brats. And for most of the noon hour there were people in line waiting. Johnson says the Wisner Senior Center has a very active group, and has made recent improvements, starting with a new awning along the highway….

09-15-20 LJohnson Center Improvements :21

Serving up a freshly grilled hamburger outside the Wisner Senior Center on Sept. 15th.

If given the choice, Johnson says her favorite is ribs off the smoker. Good choice, LaVonne! Listen to the full interview with Lavonne Johnson of Wisner here….

They came from all around to help season the new grill at the Wisner Senior Center on Tuesday!