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MANHATTAN, Kan. — People of all ages walking around wearing ear buds seems to be a common sight in society today. Often it leads a person to wonder, “What are they all listening to?”

For cow/calf producers interested in learning practical information to address the challenges of raising beef cattle, it just might be the Kansas State University Beef Cattle Institute weekly podcast.

BCI Cattle Chat is a 25-30-minute podcast lead by moderator Brad White, BCI director and veterinarian will be posting its 100th episode on March 27, 2020. The weekly podcast features beef cattle health and management advice from Kansas State experts Bob Larson, veterinarian; Bob Weaber, beef cattle extension specialist; and Dustin Pendell, agricultural economist.

Those four began the podcast in July 2018 to bring together experts from the Kansas State College of Agriculture and College of Veterinary Medicine, White said.

“The goal of the podcast is to effectively communicate relevant, practical information for beef producers and veterinarians through this format,” White said. The format includes 5-8 minute segments on an array of beef cattle topics.

White said their listenership continues to grow. “Last month there were 5,474 downloads from 26 countries.”

With an increasing number of listeners, the podcast team continues to receive listener questions from Kansas and around the globe.

“Our team really appreciates the questions from listeners and the feedback we receive on the podcast. The listener questions allow us to directly address topics important to producers,” White said.

He also values the discussions that happen on the podcast, especially the ones with outside guests who join on occasion. Many of these guests are well-recognized experts in their field.

“I enjoy the interaction with our team and guests because everyone has a different perspective and we can discuss many sides of an issue,” White said.

To listen to this podcast search for BCI Cattle Chat wherever podcasts are found.

Tight margins on the farms continually have farmers looking for ways to cut costs and increase production. For many farms chemical cost to treat weeds is a big variable cost. That is why one start up company in Kansas is looking at how to eliminate the use of chemicals on farms.

Physically pulling weeds requires to much time and labor, but what about mowing broad leaf weeds? Well for one person and a mower it would be a lot of work, It might not be for a swarm of 10 robots with mowers on them. That is what Clint Brauer and Greenfield Robotics will be trying on his organic no till fields this summer.

Brauer grew up near his current day farm, but after high school had no desire to return. Following a near success with a tech start up in California Brauer had health complications that taught him there is still a lot of value in food and how it’s produced. That’s when he decided to return back to the farm life, but to farm on his own terms.

Listen here to get the full story of how the future of agriculture may just be robots.