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Tuesday saw mostly higher grain prices. Soybean bulls had to fight back the bears to make limited gains on the day. Darin Fessler, Lakefront Futures and Options, highlights that soybeans continue to have the strong weather story and Chinese demand that keep bulls in charge. However Fessler encourages producers to have plans and targets in place in case the commodity market quickly shift. Fessler reminds listeners of what happened 4 plus year ago when commodity prices were near similar levels.

Fessler also looks into the current cash market which continues to encourage selling the physical commodity. The market offers little carry between contract months and Fessler believes there might be better options to sell the grain and own paper to take advantage of higher moves in the market.

The broader market on Tuesday was feeling fairly risk on with the DOW Jones hitting 30,000 and crude oil up over 4%. Yet Fessler doesn’t see the current rally in commodities as inflation rather the result of production concerns combined with strong demand. For Fessler this means there is still room for commodity inflation in 2021.

You can catch the full conversation with Fessler here:

  • Why did the corn and soybean markets pull back so much over the last week and are now higher on election day?
  • What is the latest on export demand for corn?
  • How is the ethanol demand for corn looking?
  • What does the export demand for soybeans look like?
  • What do you think will happen to the carry and basis in the soybean market?
  • Will South American weather become a bigger issue down the road?
  • Any estimates for the WASDE report next week?



  • Nervousness heading into election tomorrow
  • How the markets came back around
  • Wheat & Crude Oil were part of the turnaround
  • Globally how are they looking at the trade & dollar ahead of & after Tuesday?
  • COVID concerns
  • Can the cash market kick it in gear with the fat cattle?
  • Is their weight concerns for cattle?

  • What a marketing week
  • Cattle market finishes the week with some green
  • Everyone is talking about the election with risk off ahead of Tuesday
  • Should we be locking in some grain for winter?
  • What if cow/calf not yet marketed this year’s calves
  • Corn market closing for the week…might want some protection on the downside
  • How are the commercial spreads going?
  • Moral on the pork price…some big hogs in the country