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Aaron Bertels with Crossroads Marketing talks about the trade issues that many are talking about, Movement of grain how that has been effected by COVID.  A look at the upcoming WASDE report out next week.


Another limit up day in the livestock…what does that mean for the near term?  Relationship between grain & livestock producers in these current times.  Will we see $500 Choice boxed beef?  We go through these feelings every year with market movements, just this year its escalated feelings.  We are socially isolated on a regular day in ag, but as it continues the feels are getting more stressed.  China Phase One…where do we sit?    WASDE report due out on Tuesday.


How was the markets reaction after the USDA report?  Ethanol still have a stronghold on the market?  Short & long term effects on ethanol?  Artificial negativity in the market.  Russia & OPEC working out “deal”.  Future deals.  A lot of outside influence on the trade this week.  DDGs effects go beyond the grain markets.  Cattle market swings to the negative once again.