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On the Road for Agriculture | KTIC Radio

On the Road for Agriculture

Our Farm Broadcasters log thousands of miles each year covering the major agricultural meetings of Nebraska, the Midwest and the Nation. Seminars, educational and entertainment events are all included in the mix. Agricultural producers are interested in hearing details.

– NE State Dairy Convention, Columbus
– Ag Day recognition, Fullerton
– Lower Elkhorn NRD hearing, West Point
– Cuming County Ducks Unlimited banquet, Wisner
– NE Cattle Confinement Symposium, Columbus

-Platte Valley Cattlemen banquet, Humphrey
-Saunders County Livestock banquet, Wahoo
-NE Ag Expo, Lincoln

-NE Cattlemen Convention online
-Follow Lt. Gov. Mike Foley around West Point
-NE Farm Bureau Annual Meeting online
-Farmers & Ranchers College featuring Dr. David Kohl and Eric Snodgrass
-NE Farm Bureau Trade press conference
-Hefty Seed WP grower meeting
-NE Soybean Day virtual meeting
-Lower Elkhorn NRD informational meeting on a groundwater management area
-NE Ethanol Board meeting online

-NE Teacher of the Year – Mr. Paul Timm, Lyons-Decatur Northeast School, Lyons
-Fridays in the Field recording with Nick Emanuel, North Bend
-Harvest Breaks delivered to area farmers
Matt Nelson, Oakland
Rich Wendt, Leigh
Jay Kreikemeier, West Point
Gene Lutt, Wayne
Tyler Weborg, Pender
David Maas, Herman

-NE Farm Bureau regional meeting, Wisner
-Fridays in the Field segment, North Bend
-Deliver “Light Up Your Summer” grand prize to Wisner
-Northeast Community College new ag facilities groundbreaking, Norfolk
-NPPD Harvest Safety tour, Norfolk
-Cuming County Farm Bureau board meeting, West Point
-Livestock Friendly County designation, Fullerton

– North 40 Farmers Open, Pender
– Pilger Corn and Hamburger Feed
– ISU Extension Drought meeting, Sac City IA
– Kit Held Seed & Chem new building open house, Leigh
– NPPD board meeting, Columbus
– Cuming County Fair, West Point
– Farm Progress Media Days, Boone IA

-Fridays in the Field – Nick Emanuel, North Bend
-West Point – Beemer “Back to School” meeting, West Point
-Dixon County Fair remote, Concord

-Fridays in the Field, Chuck & Nick Emanuel, North Bend, NE
-Fortenberry visits West Point Livestock, West Point, NE

Spring Breaks delivered:
– Buss, Logan IA
– Brunnert, West Point
– Zeegers, Elgin

Spring Breaks delivered:
– Poppe, Scribner
– Metzger, Bancroft
– Sateren, Pilger

-Triumph of Ag Expo, Omaha
-National Pork Industry Forum, Kansas City, MO
-St. Paul “Do Other Things” day, West Point
-Cuming Co Farm Bureau Ag Careers event, West Point
-Cuming County Ag Appreciation dinner, West Point
-Beef Profit Tips workshop, West Point

-NE Extension Farm Survival workshop, West Point
– CVA Organic seminar/trade show, Norfolk
– Platte Valley Cattlemen Banquet, Humphrey
– Cuming County Livestock Feeders membership meeting, Beemer
– NE Pork Producers Assoc. Annual meeting, Lincoln
– Burt Co. Feeders membership meeting, Oakland
– NE Extension Soil Health Conference, Mead
– Farmers Coop annual meeting, Pilger
– Beef Feedlot Round-table, West Point
– IA Corn Crop Clinic, Missouri Valley, IA
– Farmers Pride Coop annual meeting, Norfolk
– NE Dairy Convention, Columbus
– NE Extension Crop Prod & Poultry Manure workshop, David City

– Fremont Corn Expo, Fremont
-I-29 Moo University, Wayne
– Crop Production Clinic, Norfolk
– IA Cattlemen Feedlot Forum, Carroll, IA
– Platte Valley Cattlemen Membership mtg, Columbus
– CRP Informational Meeting, Wayne
– Iowa Power Farming Show, Des Moines, IA
– IA State Ext. Crop Advantage Series, Denison, IA

– ISU Farm Bill Info mtg, Logan, IA
– NE Farmers Union Convention, Norfolk
– NE Power Farming Show
– Ag Tech Innovation Competition, at NPFS Lincoln
– Tour Lincoln Premium Poultry with USDA Sec. Sonny Purdue, Fremont
– NE Corn Growers/NE Soybean Assoc annual meetings, Grand Island
– NE Ext. Confronting Cropping Challenges program, West Point
– NE Ext. Landlord Tenant Cash Lease wksp, Schuyler
– NE Soybean Day & Machinery Expo, Whaoo
– Retirement of Randy Prior, NE Extension – Saline County, Wilbur
– Retirement of John Wilson, NE Extension – Burt County, Tekamah

– NE AgriBusiness Assoc mtg, Norfolk
– National Assoc. of Farm Broadcasting convention, Kansas City MO
– Siouxland Chamber Ag Committee, Sioux City IA
– NE Beef Industry Scholars Summit, UNL East Campus, Lincoln

– OCM/I-CON Cattlemen’s Rally, Omaha
– Nebraska Water Conference, Norfolk
-Harvest Breaks delivered to:
Doug Ruskamp, Dodge
Ron Love, Jackson
David Cooper, Mondamin IA
Don Coufal, Howells
Paul Brichacek, Schuyler
Matt Treadway, Ashland

-Retirement of Randy Robeson, Frontier Cooperative, Wahoo
-Pierce Threshing Bee, Pierce
-Husker Harvest Days, Grand Island
-NE Farmers Union Dist. 6 meeting, West Point
-Pender Livestock 50th Anniversary Sale, Pender
-Taylor & Martin Classic Semi Auction, S. Sioux City
-Spartan Motors/Smeal Fire remote, Snyder
-Ag Outlook Forum, Kansas City
-Cuming County Farm Bureau annual meeting, Beemer
-WP Auto & Truck Center remote, West Point

-North 40 Farmers Open, Pender
-Cuming County Fair, West Point
-Nebraska Farm Bureau Listening session, West Point
-Elkhorn Valley Cattlemen meeting, Madison
-Soybean Mgt Field Days, Pilger
-Open House at Chicken Barns, Clarkson
-CVA Innovation Plot, Norfolk
-Wind turbine tour, northwest Wayne County
-Platte Valley Cattlemen outlook meeting, Clarkson
-Colfax-Dodge Co Corn Growers, Rogers
-UNL Cow/Calf symposium, Norfolk
-Northeast Community College Nexus campaign, Norfolk
-Beemer Community meal, Beemer
-Hefty Seed grower meeting, West Point
-Cmdty Exchange/Barchart presentation, Lincoln
-Cuming County Farm Bureau meeting, West Point
-Northeast NE Corn Growers Growing Potential Ag Festival, Wayne
-NE NE Corn Growers plot tour, Laurel

– Iowa Pest Resistance Management plot tours – Logan, IA
– Claas groundbreaking – Omaha
– Sustainable Agronomy Conference, Omaha
– Visits, with NE Cattlemen, NE Pork Producers, NE Corn Growers,  NE Soybean Assoc., and NE Innovation Campus, Lincoln
– Dairy Experience Forum, St. Paul, MN
– Science and Ag Day, Haskell Ag Lab, Concord

– Cream of the Crop Dairy Show, West Point
– NE Beef Ambassadors contest / NE Cattlemen Midyear Meeting, Columbus
– Friday’s in the Field with Brent Svoboda, Pender
– Spring Break – Linwood
– Northeast NE Cattlemen Steak Fry, Wayne
– Eastern NE Research & Extension Center open house, Ithaca
– Sapp Bros Biodiesel blending facility open house, Sioux City IA
– Winter Wheat & Pulse Crops field day, ENREC Ithaca
– Iowa Corn Growers roundtable, Templeton IA
– NE Cattlemen Road Trip, Wisner

-NE Extension/NRCS/FSA Flood recovery meeting, West Point
-NE Pork Producers’ BaconFest, Lincoln
-NE Extension “Growing Forages after a Flood” mtg, Fremont
-Lower Elkhorn NRD Coffee & Conversations, Pender
-Sioux City Chamber new member coffee/luncheon w/ IA Ag Sec Mike Naig, Sioux City
-NeFB/Nebraska Strong hamburger feed, Hooper
-Cuming Co. Economic Development banquet, West Point
-Cuming Co Feeders banquet, West Point
-West Point FFA banquet, West Point

-March 4 – Farmers Pride Coop annual meeting, Norfolk
-March 4 – Washington Co Cattlemen meeting, Blair
-March 6 – First Nat’l Bank of Nebraska farmer appreciation, Lyons
-March 7-8 – Ethanol 2019 Emerging Issues Forum, LaVista
-March 11 – St. Paul School “Do Other Things Day”, West Point
-March 13 – Farmers Pride Coop Producer meeting, Norfolk
-March 19 – WP Chamber Ag Appreciation dinner, West Point
-March 26 – NE Corn Growers Lock & Dam and Barge tour, St. Louis

-CVA/Precision Planting “Planter School” – Randolph
-FAIR Nebraska property tax info session – Lincoln
-Cuming County Feeders membership meeting – Beemer
-NE Pork Producers Assoc. Annual meeting – Lincoln
-NE Extension Beef Feedlot Roundtable – West Point
-NE Extension On-Farm Research Network meeting – Norfolk
-Saunder County Feeders banquet – Wahoo
-NE Dairy Convention – Columbus
-Triumph of Ag Expo – Omaha

-Jan 3-4 – Dakota Farm Show, Vermillion SD
-Jan 7-8 – NE Agribusiness Assoc Expo, Omaha
-Jan 15 – NE Extension Crop Production Clinic, La Vista NE
-Jan 16 – NE Extension/NRCS Cover Crops wksp, Columbus NE
-Jan 18 – NE Extension Moo University, Wayne NE
-Jan 23 – 2i Conference, West Point NE
-Jan 24 – ISU Extension Crop Advantage Conference, Atlantic IA
-Jan 29 – CVA Coop Grain Marketing meeting, South Sioux City NE
-Jan 30 – Iowa Power Farming Show, Des Moines IA
-Jan 31 – Northeast NE Corn Growers annual meeting, Wayne NE

– NE Power Farming Show, Lincoln
– NE Soybean Day & Machinery Expo, Wahoo
– NE Extension Confronting Cropping Challenges, West Point
– Hefty Seed grower meeting, West Point
– NE Corn Growers Assoc/NE Soybean Assoc annual meetings, Lincoln

– National Assoc. of Farm Broadcasting, Kansas City
– National Ag Banking Conference, Omaha
– NE Beef Industry Scholars Summit, Lincoln
– Alliance for the Future of Ag in Nebraska/We Support Ag annual meeting, Lincoln

– Harvest Break promotion, delivered 6 meals to area farmers…
+ Frank Bohaboj, Howells
+ Andy Guenther, West Point
+ Paul Maresh, Dodge
+ Travis Lindstrom, Oakland
+ Dan Gould, Laurel
+ Don Witte, Scribner
– Seaboard Triumph Foods news conference, Sioux City
– Fridays in the Field segment with Nathan Schole, Hooper
– Nebraska Agri-Business Assoc wksp, Norfolk
– Behlen Mfg/Columbus Chamber event highlighting manufacturing careers, Columbus
– Hog Slat open house, Richland
– Get out and vote rally Ricketts, Fortenberry, & Sen Brasch, West Point

– Grain Bin Safety meeting – Fremont
– Hefty Seed WP farmer meeting, West Point
– “So You’ve Inherited Farmand, Now What??” NE Extension program, West Point
– Wisner-Pilger FFA Test Plot night, Wisner
– Pierce Threshing Bee, Pierce
– Husker Harvest Days, Grand Island
– Last Fling ’till Spring car show, West Point
– Cargill Meat Solutions 50th Anniversary, Schuyler
– Cuming County Farm Bureau annual meeting, Beemer

– North 40 Farmers Open, Pender
– Soybean Management Field Days, Hartington and Cedar Bluffs
– Cuming County Fair Parade, West Point
– Climate and Ag Field Day, Haskell Ag Lab, Concord
– NE Broadcasters Assoc, Lincoln
– AGCO field day/planter clinic, Fremont
– RibFest/NE Pork Producers Assoc VIP event, Lincoln
– West Point Livestock Customer Appreciation Sale, West Point
– Platte Valley Cattlemen annual Outlook meeting, Clarkson
– Northeast NE Corn Growers “Growing Potential” Ag Youth    Festival, Wisner
– CAB Feeding Quality Forum, Sioux City IA
– Farm Progress Show, Boone IA

– NRD helicopter fly-overs – feature at Wahoo Airport
– CVA Horse owner workshop, Oakland
– NE Soybean Board meeting, Tekamah
– NE Pork Producers livestock expansion meeting, Wayne
– District 16 Legislative Forum, West Point
– United Soybean Board meeting, Omaha
– Friday’s in the Field – Nathan Schole, Hooper
– Burt County Fair, Oakland
– Dairy Experience Forum, Bloomington, MN
– Wayne County Fair, Wayne
– Air Force Band performance, West Point
– UNL Roundtable with Chancellor Ronnie Green, Fremont

– NCBA President Kevin Kester @ Weborg Feedlot, Pender
– World Pork Expo, Des Moines, IA
– Fridays in the Field w/ Nathan Schole, Hooper
– $8.40 Corn Promotion – Kiel Buss @ Meuret Grain, Brunswick
– ADM Animal Nutrition Open House, Columbus
– Saunders Co Lvst Twilight Tour, Prague-Linwood-Morse Bluff
– Fremont Chamber Coffee @ Dodge Co Extension, Fremont
– Survey heavy rain & flood waters around Cuming County, Pender  & West Point
– NE Farm Bureau Listening Session, West Point

– FCC Commissioner Brenden Carr and Sen Deb Fischer, Stanton
– NE City/County Managers Assoc. mtg, West Point
– Spring Break Promotion – Winners in six different towns
John Hilgenkamp, Arlington
Lisa Bayer, Howells
Pat Meiergerd, West Point
Mary Greenfield, Bancroft
Rob Rains, Pisgah, IA
Lee Smith, Lyons

-Cattle & Cropping Systems seminar, ENREC near Mead
-LD22 Candidate Forum, Columbus
-NE FFA Convention/Ag Issues Academy, Lincoln
-Cuming County Livestock Feeders banquet, Wisner
-Ethanol 2018: Emerging Issues Forum, Omaha
-West Point Mayor/City Council Candidate Forum, West Point

– National Pork Industry Forum, Kansas City, MO
– Sapp Brothers Open House, West Point
– RM Sales Planter Clinic, Bancroft
– NE Farmers Union District meeting, Norfolk
– Legislative District 40 Candidate Forum, Wausa
– Cuming County Ag Appreciation dinner, West Point
– Farmers Pride Coop spring grower meeting, Norfolk
– Central Plains Dairy Expo, Sioux Falls, SD

– NE Extension Growing Winter Wheat meeting, Fremont
– Cuming Co Lvst Feeders annual membership mtg, Beemer
– UNL Extension Beef Feedlot Roundtable, West Point
– NE Pork Producers Association annual meeting, Lincoln
– Cover Crop Conference, ENREC near Mead
– Farmers Cooperative Pilger-Stanton-Winside annual mtg, Pilger
– NE Extension On Farm Research update meeting, Norfolk
– Iowa Pork Regional Conference, Le Mars, IA
– NE Dairy Convention, Columbus
– Triumph of Ag Expo, Omaha

– Dakota Farm Show, Vermillion, SD
– Fremont Corn Expo, Fremont
– NE Agri-Business Expo, Omaha
– Northeast NE Corn Growers annual meeting, Wisner
– NE Extension Crop Production Clinic, Norfolk
– Ag PhD agronomy workshop hosted by Hefty Seed, West Point
– NE Extension “Moo-University”, Norfolk
– Central Valley Ag grain marketing meeting, Norfolk

– NE Cattlemen “Cattlemen’s College”, Kearney
– Nebraska Power Farming Show, Lincoln
– NE Soybean Day & Machinery Expo, Wahoo
– Farm Credit Services of America “Growing On” meeting, Lincoln

– Husker Beef Nutrition Conference, ENREC @ Mead, NE
– National Association of Farm Broadcasting Convention, Kansas City, MO
– UNL Beef Industry Scholars Summit, Lincoln
– A-FAN Annual Meeting, Lincoln


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