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Monogram Money | KTIC Radio

Monogram Money


When we are out and about what is the one question we get asked the most?  That’s simple, “when are you going to call my initials!”

For over 60 years KRVN has given listeners the chance to call in and win when they hear their initials spun on the famous Monogram Money Wheel.  The rules are simple…ladies can’t use their maiden names, you must be old enough to talk on the phone and once you hear your initials you have two minutes to call in and win!  Oh…and the initials have to be in the order we call out!

In that 60 plus years we have given away almost $200,000.  We started giving away $1 a day, then $2.  When KRVN made the switch from 1010 to 880 we began giving away $8.80 and we still do today!

So every Monday through Saturday at 9:17AM and every Monday through Friday at 3:50PM make sure your dial is tuned to 880AM.  You’ll hear….A….A is for Anna, Andy or Amanda……W….William, Wesley or Wanda and C……Christiansen, or Clark.  Time starts now!