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Judy Mauch | KTIC Radio

Judy Mauch

Vacation Travel

Happy Day!

My daughter and I were walking the other day and we happened to go past
AAA and she asked what it was.
You should have seen the look on her face
when I explained the AAA Travel books (Separate book for each state with the attractions so you could plan your trip). 
And then in more awe - the Trip Tix (Printed maps following the highway until the next turn). 

Vacations with my parents and brother set the stage for the world ahead and are forever deep in my heart! 



Happy Day,

As I hear John Denver today singing "It's Good To Be Back Home Again" I laugh when I was growing up I thought he sang "It tastes good to be back home again."  Growing up, I seldom knew the real words to songs but I could sing them all!  And I thought the All Knights wrote all the good songs - Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, Wabash Cannonball, Harbor Lights, Hard to be Humble etc..for the fans of Kings Ballroom, you will also know the greatness of the All Knights.  I was so surprised after college when I started to hear those songs on the radio.

P.S. Of course the "Auctioneer" was Leroy Van Dyke no matter who sang it - I knew him from the Stanton County Fair and he was so kind to me that every artist should treat kids like he did!


Craziest year

June 13th and plenty of people are still trying to get the crop in the ground.  A friend got the planter stuck and the pull out tractor to bring in a third tractor.  And then today in a reasonably close field, I see a guy working on the pivot.  The world of the farmer is always crazy....but this seems to be the craziest year I can remember.  Hang in there farmers! 


Because we need a little sunshine to compliment the rain!

Image result for sunshine images

Muddy Gravel Roads

Happy Day!

I know we are trying to get in the field also but my goodness, the gravel roads to get to my house are so muddy that I think my pickup is going to bottom out!  "Be patient" must be the lesson of April and May this year!  I must not be a good student this season!


Attitude / Emotional Cycle

Happy Day!

My mama is VERY smart! She has given a lot of inspirational messages to small and large audiences.  The Applause Magazine for Mary Kay Cosmetics has printed her articles several times also over the years.  One of my mama's secrets is the circle of how our attitudes and emotions go around. 

When changes happen, it effects you.  And change does happen to everyone.  Every person goes through the cycles/stages, it's just a matter of how long we get STUCK in each stage! Notice "STUCK."  One of my mom's other famous speeches is "I Choose The Color."  I choose how I feel about what happens.  I can choose happy or mad or frustrated, but the only person that me.

Where do you CHOOSE to be STUCK?


Happy Day!

Snow to a cattle man is just a pain in the back end!  Well, at least my cattle man.  Clean the yards so you can feed.  Then do it all again when it snows some more.  Kids are thrilled!   I am betting the four wheeler will be pulling the sled later.

My neighbor put chickens on the sled.  I thought it was pretty smart.  Sure is a lot easier to pull a chicken in this deep snow than a person!

Enjoy the snow!  Life is good!  Family is healthy!


Thank you!

Happy Day!

On a day when our region is slip-sliding and skating away in the ice storm, some of our incredible crew made it to the station and are providing the info to keep everyone safe!  Thank you JD, Doug, Chad, Jesse, Karen and Dwight for leading the charge. 

We truly appreciate the compliments we have received today!  Compliments on the weather coverage, local cancellations, ease of the new app and recordings being sent in for the new feature by GVA Inc for the Pledge of Allegiance. 

The power of compliments mean a lot to all of us!  It's the driving power to know you are listening and you like what we are doing!  Ice storms are long days of never-ending activity!

Thank you for your compliments!  We are here for you!


Independence Day Memory

Happy Day!

I was just listening to Lee Greenwood's song - I am proud to be an American.  When my oldest girl was about four or five, we were at the fireworks in Norfolk and they played that song over the loud speaker.  Must have been the first time she heard the song.  She put her hand on her heart.  And at the end she said, "Mom, I think I got a tear in my eye."

When she was in Kindergarten, she performed the whole song with her class and I got a tear in my eye.

Happy Independence Day!  Be safe this weekend!


Number of passwords

Happy Day!

Am I the only one that is overwhelmed with the number of passwords we need to function in our world?  No wonder people tend to use their birth year or the simple 123456.  Well, I haven't posted for awhile as I just didn't have time to figure it out all over again.  Time for a Happy Dance!  I got it!

Happy May!  The best month of the my opinion!

Inspire a friend!

In these days of a lot of email, texting, SnapChat, Facebook and everything done through your phone, except talking,
pick up the phone and call an old buddy! 

You will inspire an old friend and reconnect with someone meaningful in your life!  It's great to keep in touch with these other avenues, but for the wonderful lady that called me last night....she changed my week!  We have been friends for 15 years!  Kids, work, activities keep both of us moving, but we LOVED taking that time on the phone! 

I will call someone else to brighten their day. 
Now, YOU pick up the phone and call someone too!


Christmas prize from KTIC staff

Merry Christmas!

Dwight and JD came up with this idea and it is better than I could have envisioned!  My 9 year old LOVES listening and trying to figure out whose voice is talking.  Hope you enjoy!

Merry Christmas!
And from my wonderful family...
Hubby Mike,
Caleb and Cassidy

Power Farming Show

We enjoyed the Nebraska Power Farming Show!  Plenty of products to see.  Most farmers would have probably liked to have a couple of days to see it all.

One of my favorite memories = The parents pushing their one year old twins (a boy and a girl) in a side by side stroller and had a 3 year old walking in his bib overalls.  As a mother of 1 year old twins, I felt she was brave.  She said we decided we were going to go and do things and expose them to more stuff and we were just going to go!  I've heard that conversation in my head also. 

(Still thinking her babies were more quiet than my munchkins).

Enjoy the season!  It's almost Christmas!


Happy Halloween!

I am not sure how I love Halloween so much!  We live in the country and the trick or treaters would still come - we had over 50 one year.  Of course, to make sure they came, we started to "do things" so they would HAVE to stop at Mauch's.  And often they wanted to make it the last stop because they were going to be here awhile. 

Gilligan's Island arrived this year.  Ginger took her fancy outfit to School yesterday so she wouldn't forget...can you forget it's Halloween?

Skipper and Mrs. Howell mostly want the parasol.  Happy Halloween!

Jim and Soybeans

Happy Day!

We wrapped up soybeans here last week.  I can't help but think about my Double Cousin Jim.  When we were about 9 or 10 years old, we had a little yellow wagon we would slowly fill up with soybeans.  Our stash to eat over the winter.  We would CHOW down on soybeans!  I remember the second year when our stash was "discovered."  Whoops!  We were NOT suppose to be taking beans! 

Soybeans were dry this year so a little hard on my teeth this year.  I can't help but miss our little yellow wagon, the joyous times of our childhood, and my dear sweet double cousin that died last December.  Missing you Jim!


Good week

Happy Day!

I think it's been a good week.  I was nervous on Monday when Hubby was working on the windrower.  Pounding is never very good.  Sold cattle on Tuesday.  Pounding continued the rest of the day.  Wednesday...still some pounding.  Scared.  Hay got cut and nothing more was said.

Fine tuning the combine with hopes of combining today.


Nice Truck!

Hubby made a trade for our reasonably new pickup (3 years old) for this beauty!  Nice trade Hubby! 

Ok, the trade was just overnight before they hauled the load of corn away....but it still looked nice on the farm!

Enjoy Harvest!


Silage chopping

Happy Day!

The crazy season of chopping silage is here! 

I could have said that about five times but they are ACTUALLY in the field ..finally.  Chopping is one of the hardest parts of being on the farm.  I know the first day the plan changed at least three times. Breakdowns. Rain. Sabbath Day.  A plethora of delays and changes.  That's just the way it goes. 

With combining, a guy can start and when the helpers arrive, they just pick up and start going. 

But all hands need to be there at the same time. For us, we need 5 people to stay ahead of the chopper. 

That's a lot of coordination!  And RE-coordination every time it changes. 

Hey, don't forget your cook this season if you want to eat!

Enjoy Harvest!

Happy Day! Happiness is a choice!

Happy Day!  I have been following David Ward for quite awhile.  I just love what he says about choosing to be happy!  My mom gave lots of speeches to her Mary Kay friends about
Choosing the Color.  It's very similar. Because she IS my mom, perhaps hers was better, but David's is pretty good!  Enjoy!

And CHOOSE to be happy.

Yesterday, I had one of those moments. You know the one I mean. It’s when you’re having a bad day and you are convinced that you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re not good at anything, and you should probably give up and go do something else.
Yeah, that kind of moment.
But then I paused and thought about it. I thought about things that were going well, things that had amazing potential, and things that I was really good at, and the cloud of doom over my head floated away.
Just like that, I went from near despair to being excited about the future, and with that, I got back to work.
Do we really have that kind of power? Can we really just think ourselves into being happy?
You betcha.
Dale Carnegie said, “Remember, happiness doesn’t depend on who you are or what you have; it depends solely on what you think.”
Yes, you can work your way through a funk. But had I tried to suck it up and work my way through my malaise, I’m pretty sure I would have simply found more “proof” of my inadequacies and justification for feeling sorry for myself.
Eventually, I would have forgotten about what was bothering me and returned to my regular chipper self. But instead of having an entire day being down, I was able to get back to “me” in just a few seconds.
When you are feeling blue, or experiencing any kind of negative emotion, instead of charging ahead despite those feelings, “change the subject”. Think about something that feels better when you think it. I might have thought about walking on the beach. That would certainly have felt better and my mood would surely have improved.
I chose another way. Instead of distracting myself from the issue (not being good enough), I found some aspect of that thought that felt better (thinking about what I was good at).
Either way works.
When we are unhappy, we can wait until our circumstances improve and then be happy. Or we can choose to be happy now and use that feeling to improve our circumstances.
Because happiness is a choice.

Are you ready for the Great Nebraska Tractor Ride?

My father-in-law drove right up to my window this morning driving his John Deere A....Can I  go on the Tractor Ride? 

My little girl painted our toenails with tractors.

The family is excited about this year's ride!  Hope to see you soon!

Work somewhere awesome!

The post Life Is Short appeared first on Miles & Company.
 Life is short. Work somewhere awesome.

Happy Birthday Dear Ryan!

Happy Birthday Dear Ryan! 

Our fine young man would have turned 35 years old today.  He is a cherished and missed friend of the station.  He was an honorable person and someone that always brought joy!  And I miss him wearing his yellow jacket!  Pretty sure we will want to have a dilly bar or a grilled cheese sandwich in your honor today. 

Ryan Guill died 8 years ago.  He will always be in our hearts.


Denny Waddle Award of Achievement

Tim Peterson Receives Denny Waddle Award of Achievement 

The Rural Radio Network named Tim Peterson the winner of the inaugural Denny Waddle Award of Achievement. The award was named for Denny Waddle, former Director of Sales for the Rural Radio Network, world class mentor and friend.  This annual award recognizes stellar performance of one member of the Rural Radio Network sales team.  Tim is dedicated to his clients' success, and that of our entire network.  He is a loyal team member and, after nearly 25 years with our company, recorded the biggest sales revenue year of his career for the past fiscal year.

Congratulations Tim!  The Denny Waddle Award is the most prestigious award within our company.  I had the privilege of being a Manager under Denny's direction for 10 or 11 years before he passed away.  When I grow up, I want to be Denny!

Crazy Sales Crew

Happy Day!

Monday was a blessed day for me!  The Sales Team came over to my house.  Having twins born in about a week has kept me from my normal travels.  The crew brighten my day and refreshed my energy!

Many people are in jobs that they hate and work with people they don't like.  It's very sad to me that people would need to spend that much time with people they didn't enjoy.  I did that once and I am committed to never being in that unhappy position again.  I have mentioned this many times before, but we are very blessed at KTIC to work with a fantastic crew of people!  The entire staff - announcers, production, traffic, sports, news, support, and sales team is a crew of individuals that people live their life trying to find an atmosphere like we have at the station.  We have a working paradise!

Thank you to my work family!

Top Picture includes...Kaela Steffensmeier, Lana Minton, Sherri Sobotka, Nikki Hagedorn and Kristine Kienbaum. 

Bottom Picture includes...Sherri Sobotka, Lana Minton, Judy Mauch, Kristine Kienbaum, Nikki Hagedorn, Kaela Steffensmeier
With my respects!

Happy Day!

Through my career in radio, I have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people.  Most radio people get real excited to meet Little Big Town, Oak Ridge Boys, or Kentucky Headhunters.  I like to meet the people that help me in business and help me to see things differently.  It could be Radio work or Farm / Ranch work. 

About 14-15 years ago, I met Bill Hobbs from Ewing at the BBQ Auction in Bassett, NE.  It's a big 2 day sale!   Lots of cattle, buyers, and sellers.  I am intrigued by all of it!

Well, there were bets going around about how many potloads Hobbs would be buying.  I think 10 - 12 potloads is big.  I certainly never bought that many!  I don't remember the exact number but it was 52 or 54 potloads of cattle.  WOW!  That's a pretty big check to write.  (No, I have never written a check for that much before). 

This weekend, 1075 of his cows are selling at Atkinson Livestock.  His calves are coming up.  Machinery will sell soon.  His land will also sell in December....almost 14,000 acres!  

Mike Tasler from Atkinson Livestock told me that he put this together - nothing was given to him.  Hobbs also had a memory for numbers.  If some cattle got put in the wrong pen, he would remember all the numbers associated - what number bought it, how many calves, weight, price and the pen they were sent to.   Holy Cow!  I would be thrilled just to remember my own when we are selling!

Our world is blessed with many fine folks that have a lot to teach us!  I'm just glad that I had the privilege of meeting Bill Hobbs.  And I appreciate his accomplishments!