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VFS-12 Seminar Room 1 | KTIC Radio

VFS-12 Seminar Room 1

Seminar Room 1 – Using Your Bean to Market Your Grain 

Featuring Jeff Peterson, Heartland Farm Partners in Lincoln

Using your Bean to Market your Grain…. today we start
the series on creating your marketing plan…. today’s topics include
how do you figure your production, how to estimate your cost of
production, and where breakevens come into the discussion….

Using your Bean to Market your Grain…. this is the start of a multi-week series on developing your marketing plan…. today Jeff lays out the basics of what is all in a marketing plan…. next week we’ll start to examine each of those segments related to production and business decisions….

Using your Bean to Market your Grain…..This is part 3 of a 3 part series on WHO is a part of your marketing plan… today we highlight the market advisor and their ability to help with futures and options, we discuss news and information services and what they put out, a quick highlight on managed bushels programs, and bring it all together at the end. Next week we start a series on using these people to help put together your individual marketing plan.


Using your Bean to Market your Grain….This is week 2 of a 3 part series on the WHO in your marketing plan…. last week we talked about the local grain buyer… this week we cover the commodity broker and market advisor roles in a marketing plan…. Next week we’ll talk more specifics of the market advisor and we’ll also highlight information sources that you can use in your plan…

Using your Bean to Market your Grain….Leading up to a discussion about elements of a marketing plan and how to follow though on that plan, we’re going to spend the next several weeks talking about WHO is involved in your marketing plan…. WHO do you enlist in your brain-trust in order to help you market your grain? Today we start with the “grain buyer”…. More to come over the next 2 weeks….

Seminar Room 2 – Corn Outlook

Seminar Room 3 -Daily Commentary

VFS-35 Heartland Farm Partners

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