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Scientists exploring possible link between Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca vaccine blood clot issues

(NEW YORK) -- With the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine still on pause in the U.S. after reports of a rare but severe blood clotting disorder in a small number of the roughly 7 million people who've received the shot, health experts now are focusing on what could be behind…... Read More

Prisons postpone vaccinations with Johnson & Johnson shots paused

(NEW YORK) -- The Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause, likely to last another seven to 10 days while a federal advisory committee evaluates a possible link to a rare but severe blood clotting disorder, may deal a blow to vulnerable populations -- the homebound, homeless and incarcerated among them --…... Read More

How environmental racism continues to affect communities of color

(NEW YORK) -- Shaina Oliver's asthma flares up on cold days. Her kids can't play outside, often due to the heavy air pollution surrounding their community. "It becomes a burden because you have to buy more air filters for each room," she said. "And it's not really possible for everybody…... Read More

Despite increase in depression during pandemic, suicides may have decreased: Studies

(NEW YORK) -- When the pandemic hit more than a year ago, rates of depression soared, with 28% of respondents in one survey reporting depressive symptoms compared with 9% before COVID-19. As levels of depression rise, public health experts typically expect suicide rates to follow. But two new studies show…... Read More

Black doctor speaks out about infant son's death: Why Black babies are more at risk

(NEW YORK) -- Dr. Sharon Ingram, a board-certified OBGYN in Florida, was in medical school when her four-month-old son, Alton Jr., died of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) while at a day care center. "I dropped out of medical school because I thought that I should have been not studying,"…... Read More

What to know about individuals getting rare but severe blood clots from J & J vaccine

(NEW YORK) -- Of the roughly 7 million people who have been safely vaccinated and protected from COVID-19 with the single-dose vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, there have been six confirmed cases of developing a rare but severe blood clot disorder after taking the shot. Though it's not yet known…... Read More

'Concerning' drop in blood donor turnout as hospital demand increases, Red Cross says

(NEW YORK) -- Blood donations and supply levels have reached alarming lows, as blood centers say they see increased demand from hospitals. Getting donations has been a challenge throughout the pandemic, with blood drives at schools and workplaces -- the bread and butter of blood centers -- largely canceled. The…... Read More

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor fulfilling dream of competing in Ironman World Championship

(NEW YORK) -- When he was 36, Brian Kozera heard a word he never expected to hear from a doctor: cancer. Six years later, Kozera, a police officer and dad, is now preparing to fulfill his lifelong dream of competing in the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. Calling the…... Read More

CDC panel calls to keep J&J vaccine pause in place, collect more data

An independent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention panel that convened Wednesday to review Johnson & Johnson vaccine data adjourned without voting on a new recommendation, leaving a pause in place until they get more information. Several doctors on the committee indicated they were not comfortable recommending the pause be…... Read More

These four sisters are all expecting to give birth within months of each other

(NEW YORK) -- The miracle of life was just quadrupled for this family in northern California. Haley Andrews, Katie DeAngelis, Amy Gossett and Caroline Toth are four sisters close in age -- Andrews and DeAngelis, twins, are 33; Gossett is 32; and Toth is 30. They're also pregnant at the…... Read More

Colleges that intended to vaccinate students with J&J navigate the temporary pause

(NEW YORK) -- For colleges and universities, the one-shot Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 shot has been the simplest solution for quickly and fully vaccinating students who will soon disperse around the country in early May, otherwise risking both infection and transmission as they go. But when it was paused on…... Read More