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CURTIS, Neb. – This is a quiet time on the NCTA campus with most members of our college community at home with family enjoying the holidays and catching up on family events.

However, responsibilities continue at the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture in maintaining the Curtis campus and surrounding farm and livestock enterprises.

As a winter storm moves into Frontier County and much of Nebraska, several staff and students are tending to essential activities.

College livestock are fed and cared for by student employees who live locally. These NCTA Aggies look forward to the opportunity to earn some extra spending money during the University’s holiday break.

Others have the responsibility for the dogs, cats, furred and feathered pets, and exotic animals housed at NCTA. We maintain a large inventory of animals to meet the needs of our teaching programs in veterinary technology, animal science and equine management areas. As a result, student workers dedicate several hours a day to to maintaining facilities and food for the animals.

Some staff also provide oversight for those chores. Faculty and staff are on call throughout the year to handle any questions or emergencies which may occur with campus animals. Student employees have directions to call their on-call contacts if animals are sick, hurt or missing. Though infrequent, health situations can occur, regardless of the season or time of day.

Other college staff provide campus security throughout the year. And physical plant operators are on call to handle any emergencies at college facilities.

The NCTA campus is more than 100 years old and it still retains its original academic buildings. Occasionally our older infrastructure reminds us of its age when a water pipe breaks or a steam line fails. At times like that, alarms go off and employees are quick to arrive at campus to solve the problem. We appreciate the dedication of these employees and their knowledge and skill as they work to keep our campus functional.

NCTA’s statewide mission

Holiday breaks also provide us with an opportunity to reflect on the previous year and NCTA’s mission for the future. We check on our progress as an academic institution. Our leadership team designs  adjustments to our procedures, as needed, in a continuous effort to improve NCTA’s effectiveness at creating successful graduates.

On January 4, before classes begin the following Monday, the college will gather partners from across the state for an evaluation and planning activity. The NCTA Statewide Advisory Council comes to Curtis to join us in developing our next five-year strategic plan.

This advisory council consists of professionals from various constituencies across the state including higher education, state government, agricultural industries, secondary education, parents, alumni and students. The group will review a draft strategic plan which has been developed by various advisors, internally and externally, of our college community.

Annually, the Statewide Advisory Council convenes at NCTA,  and throughout the year communicates electronically, for input to campus. Next week, the group will make recommendations for improvement, addition or modification to the NCTA Strategic Plan.

We appreciate the assistance of our extensive college community from throughout Nebraska. We value their insights and the time they dedicate to NCTA in developing this important roadmap for campus facilities, services, staffing, and most importantly, the academic success of Aggie students.

NCTA strives to expediently respond to the emerging workforce development needs of Nebraska’s agricultural industries. The NCTA Statewide Advisory Council helps us achieve that mission.

Thank you to all who supported Aggie students in 2018.  Happy New Year!

CURTIS, Neb. – Aggie Ranch Horse Team riders ended their fall competitions with the WinterFest Championship of the Colorado-Wyoming-Nebraska (CoWN) Stock Horse Association in Loveland, Colorado.

Six students from the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture team competed in cow horse work, trail class, western pleasure and reining, said Joanna Hergenreder, coach and assistant professor of animal science.

The NCTA team left Curtis before a winter storm rolled into southwestern Nebraska on November 30. They were able to safely travel that Sunday through winter driving conditions to return from Colorado to Curtis.

Coach Hergenreder provided the following summary of team results:

Madisyn Cutler of Elsie and Lefty’s Sanchita competed in the Collegiate Limited Non Pro division (which was combined with the Collegiate Intermediate division) and finished 3rd in Pleasure, 4th in Working Cow and 5th in Trail.

Damian Wellman of Prairie View, Kansas, and Lil Bay competed in the Collegiate Intermediate division and finished 2nd in Working Cow, 4th in Trail and 6th in Pleasure.

Huntra Christensen of Lincoln and High Roping Cat made their contest debut and competed in the largest collegiate division, Collegiate Novice, finishing 4th in Working Cow, 5th in Trail and 9th in Pleasure. This was this mare’s first trip to town and we are pleased with her willingness throughout the weekend.

Carlee Stutz of LaPorte, Colorado, and Rosieowesme also competed in the Collegiate Novice and finished 6th in Pleasure, 10th in Working Cow and 11th in Trail. These two made huge strides over the weekend.

Lennae Eisenmenger of Humphrey and Snippys Opinion competed in the Collegiate Novice Division and finished 6th in Working Cow, and 10th in both Pleasure and Trail. This young lady exhibited exceptional composure in the show pen.

Brady Mattke of WaKeeney, Kansas and Cactus made their debut in Collegiate Novice of the Ranch Pleasure class and started this little mare’s experience going down the road with the team. We are so very proud of both of these two.

We also had team members Nicole Ackland of Martell and Kaylee Tremel of Dunlap, Iowa helping ensure everything from prep, to stalls, to organization was taken care of. Thank you ladies for being an integral part of the weekend’s success!

Also, thank you to the Stutz family for donating hay for our horses, and to the Cutler family for supporting us this weekend!

The Ranch Horse students are on holiday break and will return to campus when classes resume January 7.

Their spring schedule will again include hosting a multi-day stock horse contest at McCook in April.