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D-1 District Wrestling Results | KTIC Radio

D-1 District Wrestling Results

District D-1
1 Burwell 202.0
2 Neligh-Oakdale 110.0
3 Plainview 101.0
4 Weeping Water 93.0
5 Southwest 90.5
6 Ansley/Litchfield 84.0
7 Winside 82.0
8 Franklin 66.0
8 West Holt 66.0
10 Howells-Dodge 64.5
11 Twin River 59.5
12 Randolph 53.0
13 Overton 42.0
14 Guardian Angels Central Catholic 36.5
15 Arapahoe 32.5
16 Meridian 30.0
17 Friend 24.0
17 Palmyra 24.0

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Brock Kester of Neligh-Oakdale
2nd Place – Eli Lanham of Plainview
3rd Place – Colten Dawe of Burwell
4th Place – Lane Barton of Meridian
1st Place Match
Brock Kester (Neligh-Oakdale) 42-9, Fr. over Eli Lanham (Plainview) 31-6, Fr. (Dec 5-2)
3rd Place Match
Colten Dawe (Burwell) 26-17, Fr. over Lane Barton (Meridian) 23-17, Fr. (Fall 1:41)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Koby Ellis of Winside
2nd Place – Cameron Wilkinson of Neligh-Oakdale
3rd Place – Tate Phillipps of Burwell
4th Place – Trevor Jedlicka of Howells-Dodge
1st Place Match
Koby Ellis (Winside) 30-4, Jr. over Cameron Wilkinson (Neligh-Oakdale) 40-6, Jr. (Dec 6-4)
3rd Place Match
Tate Phillipps (Burwell) 19-2, So. over Trevor Jedlicka (Howells-Dodge) 22-18, Fr. (MD 14-2)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Nate Christensen of Plainview
2nd Place – Carter Jensen of Winside
3rd Place – Jaxson Jones of Twin River
4th Place – Tyler Kapperman of Arapahoe
1st Place Match
Nate Christensen (Plainview) 25-2, So. over Carter Jensen (Winside) 25-14, So. (MD 10-0)
3rd Place Match
Jaxson Jones (Twin River) 36-13, Fr. over Tyler Kapperman (Arapahoe) 28-8, Sr. (Dec 4-0)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Coy Gideon of Burwell
2nd Place – Kaden Guerrero of Southwest
3rd Place – Garrett Neumeister of Weeping Water
4th Place – caleb Payne of Neligh-Oakdale
1st Place Match
Coy Gideon (Burwell) 17-3, Jr. over Kaden Guerrero (Southwest) 38-6, Jr. (Dec 8-6)
3rd Place Match
Garrett Neumeister (Weeping Water) 18-13, Sr. over caleb Payne (Neligh-Oakdale) 12-15, Fr. (Fall 4:38)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Joel Ostrom of Burwell
2nd Place – Andrew Herley of Neligh-Oakdale
3rd Place – Trent Steinkraus of Plainview
4th Place – Kelen Meyer of Franklin
1st Place Match
Joel Ostrom (Burwell) 39-2, Jr. over Andrew Herley (Neligh-Oakdale) 43-5, Jr. (Dec 5-0)
3rd Place Match
Trent Steinkraus (Plainview) 25-4, Sr. over Kelen Meyer (Franklin) 28-16, Fr. (Fall 5:10)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Michael Stackpole of Weeping Water
2nd Place – Alex Schmit of Randolph
3rd Place – Blake Racicky of Ansley/Litchfield
4th Place – Cole Laible of West Holt
1st Place Match
Michael Stackpole (Weeping Water) 42-9, Sr. over Alex Schmit (Randolph) 35-11, Jr. (Dec 7-2)
3rd Place Match
Blake Racicky (Ansley/Litchfield) 37-9, So. over Cole Laible (West Holt) 31-14, Jr. (Dec 2-0)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Brandon Bloomquist of Randolph
2nd Place – Hunter Arehart of Ansley/Litchfield
3rd Place – Jadyn Smeal of Guardian Angels Central Catholic
4th Place – Jace Ostrom of Burwell
1st Place Match
Brandon Bloomquist (Randolph) 42-7, Jr. over Hunter Arehart (Ansley/Litchfield) 14-17, Fr. (Fall 0:52)
3rd Place Match
Jadyn Smeal (Guardian Angels Central Catholic) 24-17, Jr. over Jace Ostrom (Burwell) 19-21, Fr. (Dec 5-1)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Bode Jensen of Burwell
2nd Place – Toby Scheuneman of Franklin
3rd Place – Austin Smith of West Holt
4th Place – Andrew Nelson of Plainview
1st Place Match
Bode Jensen (Burwell) 36-0, Jr. over Toby Scheuneman (Franklin) 33-14, Sr. (Fall 3:22)
3rd Place Match
Austin Smith (West Holt) 29-13, Jr. over Andrew Nelson (Plainview) 36-17, Sr. (Dec 11-5)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Miles Kulhanek of Howells-Dodge
2nd Place – Jayden Schroder of Twin River
3rd Place – Corey Dawe of Burwell
4th Place – Dominic Bolling of Plainview
1st Place Match
Miles Kulhanek (Howells-Dodge) 39-5, Sr. over Jayden Schroder (Twin River) 31-17, Sr. (TF-1.5 6:00 (19-3))
3rd Place Match
Corey Dawe (Burwell) 29-9, So. over Dominic Bolling (Plainview) 33-15, Sr. (Dec 1-0)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Edwen Baptista of Friend
2nd Place – Kaleb Pofahl of Neligh-Oakdale
3rd Place – Dylan Horejsi of Howells-Dodge
4th Place – Collin Gale of Plainview
1st Place Match
Edwen Baptista (Friend) 33-8, Jr. over Kaleb Pofahl (Neligh-Oakdale) 39-17, So. (Dec 11-4)
3rd Place Match
Dylan Horejsi (Howells-Dodge) 38-14, Jr. over Collin Gale (Plainview) 34-16, So. (Dec 3-2)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Ryan Dawe of Burwell
2nd Place – Chase Haussermann of Franklin
3rd Place – Michael Jensen of Winside
4th Place – Micah Noel of Meridian
1st Place Match
Ryan Dawe (Burwell) 37-6, Sr. over Chase Haussermann (Franklin) 33-15, Jr. (Dec 9-2)
3rd Place Match
Michael Jensen (Winside) 25-16, Jr. over Micah Noel (Meridian) 34-9, Jr. (Dec 6-5)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Seth Racicky of Ansley/Litchfield
2nd Place – Cody Downey of Southwest
3rd Place – Jaden Rahn of Guardian Angels Central Catholic
4th Place – Riley Dillon of Palmyra
1st Place Match
Seth Racicky (Ansley/Litchfield) 31-6, Sr. over Cody Downey (Southwest) 39-7, Sr. (Dec 6-1)
3rd Place Match
Jaden Rahn (Guardian Angels Central Catholic) 23-4, Sr. over Riley Dillon (Palmyra) 29-7, Sr. (MD 16-3)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Schuyler Brown of Overton
2nd Place – Anthony Starr of Southwest
3rd Place – Jonathan Escalante of Winside
4th Place – Jaden Jung of Palmyra
1st Place Match
Schuyler Brown (Overton) 24-0, Jr. over Anthony Starr (Southwest) 29-6, Sr. (Fall 2:41)
3rd Place Match
Jonathan Escalante (Winside) 33-7, Sr. over Jaden Jung (Palmyra) 22-6, Sr. (Fall 2:55)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Thomas Hughes of Burwell
2nd Place – Jade Buss of West Holt
3rd Place – Marcus Cave of Weeping Water
4th Place – Dalton Rath of Randolph
1st Place Match
Thomas Hughes (Burwell) 39-2, Sr. over Jade Buss (West Holt) 25-9, Jr. (Fall 2:49)
3rd Place Match
Marcus Cave (Weeping Water) 40-13, So. over Dalton Rath (Randolph) 16-14, Sr. (Fall 2:07)

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