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C-3 District Wrestling Results | KTIC Radio

C-3 District Wrestling Results

District C-3
1 Arlington 166.0
2 Logan View 163.0
3 North Bend Central 146.5
4 Syracuse 102.0
5 Wood River 100.0
6 Gibbon 95.5
7 Tekamah-Herman 89.0
8 Wakefield-Allen 74.0
9 Superior 57.5
10 Cross County/Osceola 53.0
11 Doniphan-Trumbull 51.0
12 Bishop Neumann 47.0
13 Ponca 45.0
14 Laurel-Concord-Coleridge 27.0
15 Wisner-Pilger 21.0
16 Winnebago 20.0

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Hunter Gilmore of Arlington
2nd Place – Dru Mueller of Logan View
3rd Place – Carson Thompson of Wood River
4th Place – Spencer Bridgmon of Syracuse
1st Place Match
Hunter Gilmore (Arlington) 43-1, Fr. over Dru Mueller (Logan View) 37-7, Fr. (Dec 6-1)
3rd Place Match
Carson Thompson (Wood River) 35-18, Fr. over Spencer Bridgmon (Syracuse) 24-24, So. (Dec 8-5)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Luis Hernandez-Jimenez of Logan View
2nd Place – Drake Belville of Doniphan-Trumbull
3rd Place – Mason Witt of North Bend Central
4th Place – Trevor Cooley of Arlington
1st Place Match
Luis Hernandez-Jimenez (Logan View) 30-11, So. over Drake Belville (Doniphan-Trumbull) 30-13, Fr. (TF-1.5 4:19 (17-2))
3rd Place Match
Mason Witt (North Bend Central) 31-16, Sr. over Trevor Cooley (Arlington) 28-22, Fr. (Dec 6-4)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Brandon Schram of Tekamah-Herman
2nd Place – Cesar Sandoval of Wakefield-Allen
3rd Place – Usama Erickson of Superior
4th Place – Martin Valencia of Logan View
1st Place Match
Brandon Schram (Tekamah-Herman) 34-4, Jr. over Cesar Sandoval (Wakefield-Allen) 32-6, Jr. (Dec 4-1)
3rd Place Match
Usama Erickson (Superior) 11-4, Sr. over Martin Valencia (Logan View) 23-12, So. (Dec 12-5)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Austen Spike of Doniphan-Trumbull
2nd Place – Cristian Carranza of Cross County/Osceola
3rd Place – Lane Brown of Gibbon
4th Place – Hunter McNulty of Logan View
1st Place Match
Austen Spike (Doniphan-Trumbull) 34-15, Sr. over Cristian Carranza (Cross County/Osceola) 32-12, Sr. (Dec 5-1)
3rd Place Match
Lane Brown (Gibbon) 43-6, Sr. over Hunter McNulty (Logan View) 28-11, Fr. (Fall 4:13)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Josh Miller of Arlington
2nd Place – Chase Smith of Gibbon
3rd Place – Beau Kaup of Logan View
4th Place – Bryce Reed of Cross County/Osceola
1st Place Match
Josh Miller (Arlington) 47-5, Fr. over Chase Smith (Gibbon) 41-4, Sr. (Dec 2-1)
3rd Place Match
Beau Kaup (Logan View) 25-11, Jr. over Bryce Reed (Cross County/Osceola) 24-17, Fr. (Dec 7-2)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Max Hughes of Syracuse
2nd Place – Evan Waddington of Wood River
3rd Place – Brandon Wardman of North Bend Central
4th Place – Blake Grefe of Arlington
1st Place Match
Max Hughes (Syracuse) 38-1, Sr. over Evan Waddington (Wood River) 51-1, Jr. (Dec 4-2)
3rd Place Match
Brandon Wardman (North Bend Central) 37-11, Sr. over Blake Grefe (Arlington) 34-12, Sr. (Fall 2:26)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Jacob Ray of North Bend Central
2nd Place – Talon Mues of Arlington
3rd Place – Isaac Verzani of Wakefield-Allen
4th Place – Chase Morris of Superior
1st Place Match
Jacob Ray (North Bend Central) 42-10, Jr. over Talon Mues (Arlington) 45-6, Jr. (Dec 9-6)
3rd Place Match
Isaac Verzani (Wakefield-Allen) 34-6, Jr. over Chase Morris (Superior) 36-14, Sr. (Dec 5-4)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Jacob Tracy of Gibbon
2nd Place – Nolan Miller of Logan View
3rd Place – Trent Tietjen of Superior
4th Place – Camden Thompson of Wood River
1st Place Match
Jacob Tracy (Gibbon) 41-2, . over Nolan Miller (Logan View) 34-8, Sr. (MD 8-0)
3rd Place Match
Trent Tietjen (Superior) 31-12, Sr. over Camden Thompson (Wood River) 42-15, Jr. (Dec 4-2)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Zachary Borer of North Bend Central
2nd Place – Blake Moore of Tekamah-Herman
3rd Place – Kobe Wilkins of Arlington
4th Place – Walter Messerlie of Ponca
1st Place Match
Zachary Borer (North Bend Central) 45-1, Jr. over Blake Moore (Tekamah-Herman) 16-4, So. (Fall 1:51)
3rd Place Match
Kobe Wilkins (Arlington) 42-10, So. over Walter Messerlie (Ponca) 31-19, Sr. (Fall 3:26)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Joel Hines of North Bend Central
2nd Place – Brady Hull of Logan View
3rd Place – Max Hansen of Tekamah-Herman
4th Place – Clayton Koch of Arlington
1st Place Match
Joel Hines (North Bend Central) 41-1, Sr. over Brady Hull (Logan View) 42-7, Jr. (Dec 5-0)
3rd Place Match
Max Hansen (Tekamah-Herman) 33-14, Sr. over Clayton Koch (Arlington) 36-16, Sr. (Fall 2:20)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Dalton Mueller of North Bend Central
2nd Place – Luke Fairbanks of Bishop Neumann
3rd Place – Nate Snyder of Syracuse
4th Place – Eric French of Logan View
1st Place Match
Dalton Mueller (North Bend Central) 34-2, Sr. over Luke Fairbanks (Bishop Neumann) 38-8, Jr. (TF-1.5 4:00 (18-2))
3rd Place Match
Nate Snyder (Syracuse) 21-9, Sr. over Eric French (Logan View) 26-18, Jr. (Fall 6:42)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Remington Gay of Arlington
2nd Place – Wyatt Kee of Gibbon
3rd Place – Michael Hegge of Ponca
4th Place – Derek Conety of Tekamah-Herman
1st Place Match
Remington Gay (Arlington) 33-7, So. over Wyatt Kee (Gibbon) 30-7, Sr. (Dec 9-8)
3rd Place Match
Michael Hegge (Ponca) 26-6, Sr. over Derek Conety (Tekamah-Herman) 22-21, Jr. (Fall 1:07)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Diego Guerrero of Wood River
2nd Place – Ethan Williams of Laurel-Concord-Coleridge
3rd Place – Julio Sanchez of Wakefield-Allen
4th Place – Landon Beaver of Wisner-Pilger
1st Place Match
Diego Guerrero (Wood River) 42-12, Sr. over Ethan Williams (Laurel-Concord-Coleridge) 32-11, Jr. (Dec 9-3)
3rd Place Match
Julio Sanchez (Wakefield-Allen) 35-9, Sr. over Landon Beaver (Wisner-Pilger) 21-18, So. (Dec 5-2)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Caleb Lefferdink of Syracuse
2nd Place – Derrell Zagurski of Winnebago
3rd Place – Alex Miller of Logan View
4th Place – Zach Dietrich of Laurel-Concord-Coleridge
1st Place Match
Caleb Lefferdink (Syracuse) 38-0, Sr. over Derrell Zagurski (Winnebago) 51-2, Sr. (Fall 0:36)
3rd Place Match
Alex Miller (Logan View) 27-20, So. over Zach Dietrich (Laurel-Concord-Coleridge) 5-4, Sr. (Fall 3:21)

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