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Stanton County Update From Facebook | KTIC Radio

Stanton County Update From Facebook

Stanton County Update From Facebook



Good evening,
Here are the latest ***updates***

8th St. In Stanton between Cedar and Golf Course RD “CLOSED” due to the huge gap in the road at the approach on the south side of the Elkhorn River bridge.

560 Ave and 561 Ave south of HWY 24 “CLOSED” due to the roadway being washed away and a 4’ hole in the road.

558 Ave at Old HWY 8 south to 837 Rd “CLOSED” pretty much anywhere near and around Wood Duck is not passable at this time. Barricades are set up throughout the area.

Next, some house keeping items.
Today, brought many many well, we’ll keep it professional non-area tourists to our area as they wanted to photograph and sight see the flooded areas.

IF you choose to become a sightseer, please DO NOT stand on bridges and lean over to get that photo you’re dying to put on Facebook with hopes to get bunches of likes. This is dangerous and then we have to come along and ruin your day by telling you to not stand on the bridge. Yes! This happened several times recently.

Flooding causes primary and secondary problems. We’re through the primary part. Here’s what can come with the secondary part. Flood waters are not CLEAN, they can become contaminated without you knowing. Raw sewage can be mixed in with that flood water your child thinks is fun to wade and jump around in. Yes! Again, this was witnessed recently, multiple times. Flood waters can also have pesticides garbage and who knows what else in it that can be unhealthy for us. Watch out for mold too.

Please please please, exercise common sense, safety, and awareness as we continue moving into the next several months of clean up efforts.

When you see a big white and orange barricade blocking off a roadway or access point, remember it is not there for looks. It is there for YOUR safety. If you drive around one that does not display local traffic only you WILL be subject to being issued a citation for driving on a closed road. 50$ for the violation and 49$ for court costs. Add those costs together and CH Ching your total cost for this violation is $99 that’s a lot of money that you could’ve saved by just simply obeying the law. Both Madison and Stanton County law enforcement officers will be enforcing this issue. Again this is for safety precautions, not to inconvenience residents further.

Let us also, remember those who have lost a loved one in the March 2019 floods, experienced major flooding and devastation, or are beginning to experience major flooding and devastation to our south and east.

This truly, has become a state wide disaster.

DYK that Nebraska has the most rivers within its borders compared to any other state in the nation? ????

We’ve recently heard there might be people involved in a T-shirt scam on Facebook. There are several individuals that are selling Nebraska Strong T-shirts for almost $20. We’ve been notified that many are selling them for profit, while advertising misleading information and having the buyer believe the proceeds will be donated to ACTUAL flood victims. If you the buyer aren’t able to ensure your money is going toward a good cause, you could be taking a risk. Do your research on these individuals. Many can be googled and if they’re a fraud, often times their screen name is continuously used and might’ve been reported to the BBB. If this is the case, a warning prompt will follow the alias and information about the scammer will be displayed. Not personal information of course, as they don’t want to get caught, but information about what they try and sell or certain questions they might ask. Many times after a natural disaster strikes an area, scammers immediately begin targeting vulnerable individuals. They are sly, sneaky, and blend in with society. The Sheriff’s Office wants residents to be aware of this when you’re dealing with individuals you don’t know or have never met before. If you suspect any suspicious scams or fraudulent activity, please say something. We believe some of the T-shirt sellers are truly acting in good faith, however, does one really need a t-shirt in order to show that Nebraska is Strong? Guess it’s a preference right?! Just be cautious is all we’re saying.

Tomorrow we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day please, do so responsibly. Enjoy yourselves and your company. We hope y’all enjoy the rest of your weekend and stay safe!

Have a beautiful day!

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