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Birthday & Anniversaries | KTIC Radio

Birthday & Anniversaries

Birthdays & Anniversaries brought to you by Dairy Queen of West Point & Wayne
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To have a birthday or anniversary announcement posted on the website
click here to e-mail the information to 107.9 The Bull.
Be sure to include the person or couples name and address,
the date of the birthday or anniversary and who the greeting is from.
Or if you don’t have email fill out the form below.

Birthday & Anniversaries




Sunday, February 26th

  • Happy birthday Suzy Anderson love your kids & grandkids: Bobbi, Jason, Willy, Kim, Kari, Mike, Brendan, Ally, Meg, Bree, Ty, Mia, Colby, Connor, Gage & Madi
Monday, February 27th
  • Happy 17th birthday Kaitlynn Bjorklund love Dad, Mom & Kaleb
  • Happy birthday Evelyn Buse love Mark, Kathy, Laura, Anthony, Emerson, Nicole & Jay
  • Happy 99th birthday Beatrice Steinmeyer from your friends in Beemer
  • Happy birthday Chase love Mom, Dad & Melanie
  • Happy birthday Chase love Grandpa & Grandma, Ruth & Brian, Steve & Stacy and Deana
  • Happy birthday Chase love your cousins, Riley & Hailey
Tuesday, February 28th
  • Happy birthday Ken Uhing love your children, grandchildren & great-granddaughters
  • Happy birthday Brittney Utemark love Great-Grandma Neva
  • Happy birthday Kim Anderson love Bob, Suzy, Bobbi, Jason, Kari, Mike and all your nieces & nephews
  • Happy anniversary Scott & Nicole Wesche from the Mayberry’s Gang
Wednesday, March 1st
  • Happy 18th birthday Michael Baumert love Mom, Dad & Addison
  • Happy 18th birthday Michael Baumert from Monte, Melissa, Abby, Ty & Calvin
  • Happy 18th birthday Michael Baumert love Grandpa & Grandma Baumert
  • Happy birthday Kim Schlautman from Jean Schulzkump
  • Happy 50th birthday Jean Schulzkump love from the Codays
Thursday, March 2nd
  • Happy birthday Clark love Laurie
  • Happy birthday James Meiergerd love Mom & Dad, Jadyn, Nicole, Jordan, Vicki, Kendall & Kaci
  • Happy birthday Grandpa Clark love Britton, Evan, Joel & Charlie Anne
Friday, March 3rd
  • Happy birthday Karen love Tom
  • Happy birthday Mom love Stacey & Phil and Kristi & Ryan
  • Happy birthday Grandma love McCoy, Lincoln, Grady, Boston & Baylor
  • Happy birthday Karen McMahon from Tim, Patty & family
  • Happy birthday Karen McMahon from everyone at KTIC & the BULL
Saturday, March 4th
  • None
Sunday, March 5th
  • Happy birthday Renae Vogel love Clarence & Dorothy
Monday, March 6th
  • Happy birthday Elisia Vogel love Grandpa & Grandma
  • Happy birthday Cali love Austin, Paige & Elijah
  • Happy birthday Cali from everyone at KTIC & the BULL
Tuesday, March 7th
  • None
Wednesday, March 8th
  • None
Thursday, March 9th
  • None
Friday, March 10th
  • None
Saturday, March 11th
  • None
Sunday, March 12th
  • None
Monday, March 13th
  • None
Tuesday, March 14th
  • None
Wednesday, March 15th
  • Happy birthday Little Sergio love Aunt Erin
  • Happy birthday Connie love Mike
  • Happy birthday Mom love Ashley & Shane, Maria & Ross and Ben
  • Happy birthday Grandma love Harper & Jett
  • Happy birthday Connie love Mom Eilerts and the rest of the Eilerts Gang
  • Happy birthday Connie Eilerts from everyone at KTIC & the BULL
Thursday, March 16th
  • Happy birthday Faith Cole love Darrin & JacieHappy birthday Dad love Ruth & Brian, Steve & Stacy, Laura & Kirby and Deana
  • Happy birthday Papa love Riley, Hailey, Chase & Melanie
  • Happy birthday Dad love Karen & Mark, Duane & Jenny and Randy & Bethany
  • Happy birthday Grandpa love Ruth & Brian, Steve & Stacy, Laura & Kirby, Deana, Jacie, Keyden, Kyler, Alex & Ansley
  • Happy birthday Great-Grandpa love Riley, Hailey, Chase & Melanie
  • Happy birthday Mark Benne from everyone at KTIC & the BULL
Friday, March 17th
  • Happy birthday Pam love Dwight, Dallas & Amanda and Val & Ryan
  • Happy birthday Mom love Ryan & Sarah
  • Happy birthday Grandma love Ava, Peyton, Kaylie, Cameron & DeLaney
  • Happy birthday Pam Lane from all of us at KTIC & the BULL
Saturday, March 18th
  • None
Sunday, March 19th
  • Happy birthday Dustin Klitz love Mom & Dad
  • Happy birthday Daddy love Cooper
  • Happy birthday Nick Wieman from all of us at KTIC & the BULL
Monday, March 20th
  • Happy 16th birthday Abby Kaup from Mom, Monte, Ty & Calvin
  • Happy 16th birthday Abby Kaup from Grandpa & Grandma Baumert
  • Happy 16th birthday Abby Kaup from Jenny, Jason, Layne, Kylie, Leah & Blake
Tuesday, March 21st
  • Happy birthday Dad, Ralph Baumert, love Melissa & Monte
  • Happy birthday Grandpa Ralph Baumert love Abby, Ty & Calvin
Wednesday, March 22nd
  • None
Thursday, March 23rd
  • None
Friday, March 24th
  • None
Saturday, March 25th
  • None
Sunday, March 26th
  • None
Monday, March 27th
  • Happy birthday Jacob Schieber love Grampy & Grammy
  • Happy birthday Jacquelyn love Greg
  • Happy birthday Mommy love Isabella, Logan & Alexander
  • Happy birthday Jacquelyn Gade from everyone at KTIC & the BULL
Tuesday, March 28th
  • None
Wednesday, March 29th
  • None
Thursday, March 30th
  • None
Friday, March 31st
  • Happy birthday Brooks Bramlet love Grandpa & Grandma Steffen
Saturday, April 1st
  • None
Sunday, April 2nd
  • None
Monday, April 3rd
  • None
Tuesday, April 4th
  • None
Wednesday, April 5th
  • None
Thursday, April 6th
  • None
Friday, April 7th
  • None
Saturday, April 8th
  • None
Sunday, April 9th
  • None
Monday, April 10th
  • None
Tuesday, April 11th
  • Happy anniversary Krista & Casey Green love Grammy & Grampy
Wednesday, April 12th
  • None
Thursday, April 13th
  • None
Friday, April 14th
  • Happy 11th birthday Addison Baumert love Mom, Dad & Michael
Saturday, April 15th
  • Happy birthday Allison Bramlet love your wonderful Mom & Dad
Sunday, April 16th
  • None
Monday, April 17th
  • None
Tuesday, April 18th
  • None
Wednesday, April 19th
  • None
Thursday, April 20th
  • None
Friday, April 21st
  • Happy birthday Terry Petersen love Nancy
Saturday, April 22nd
  • None
Sunday, April 23rd
  • None
Monday, April 24th
  • None
Tuesday, April 25th
  • None
Wednesday, April 26th
  • None
Thursday, April 27th
  • None
Friday, April 28th
  • None
Saturday, April 29th
  • None
Sunday, April 30th
  • Happy birthday Mindi Linder love Mom & Dad