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Birthday & Anniversaries | KTIC Radio

Birthday & Anniversaries

Birthdays & Anniversaries brought to you by Dairy Queen of West Point & Wayne
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To have a birthday or anniversary announcement posted on the website
click here to e-mail the information to 107.9 The Bull.
Be sure to include the person or couples name and address,
the date of the birthday or anniversary and who the greeting is from.
Or if you don’t have email fill out the form below.

Birthday & Anniversaries




Friday, December 9th

  • Happy birthday Deanne Toelle from the Martin’s
  • Happy birthday Deanne Toelle from Lorrin & Joyce
  • Happy birthday Mary Kreikemeier love Meg, Colby & Gage Anderson
Saturday, December 10th
  • Happy birthday Luciel Jonas from Lumir & Mary Cech and family
  • Happy birthday Katrina Hegemann love Dad, Mom & your siblings
Sunday, December 11th
  • Happy birthday Anya Bradley love Wanda, Cassie, Cody, April, Skylar, Addison, Max, Chelsea, Brent & Weldon
Monday, December 12th
  • Happy birthday Terry Raasch love Cindy, Bob, Angel, Becca, Trent, Kris, Emily, Abbi, Sophia, Isaiah & Izzy
Tuesday, December 13th
  • Happy birthday Paul Stalp love your family
Wednesday, December 14th
  • Happy birthday Billie Schultz from your Beemer friends
Thursday, December 15th
  • Happy birthday Tim Petersen love Mom & Dad
  • Happy birthday Bob from Bob
  • Happy birthday Bob love Deb
  • Happy birthday Grandpa Klitz love Sophia & Cooper
  • Happy birthday Maycie love Mom, Dad & Addie
  • Happy birthday Charlene Schulzkump from your friends at the Beemer Senior Center
  • Happy birthday Kent Aurich from all of us at KTIC & the BULL
  • Happy anniversary Willy & Kim Anderson love Mom, Dad, Bobbi, Jason, Kari, Mike & all your nieces and nephews
Friday, December 16th
  • Happy 94th birthday Merle Martin with love from your family
  • Happy birthday Merle Martin from the Toelle’s
  • Happy birthday Luke Baumert love Uncle Steve, Aunt Tracy, Hannah, Cale & Joseph
  • Happy anniversary Kyle & Rick Grovijohn love the Anderson’s, Throener’s & Pojar’s
  • Happy anniversary Bobbi & Jason Pojar love Mom, Dad, Willy, Kim, Kari, Mike & all your nieces and nephews
Saturday, December 17th
  • Happy birthday Tyler Baumert from the Schwers
  • Happy birthday Justin Bellar from the Tom & Cheryl Schantz family
  • Happy birthday Jeff Axtell from everyone at KTIC & the BULL
Sunday, December 18th
  • Happy birthday Linda Masterson with love Lorrin & Joyce
  • Happy birthday Linda Masterson from the Monday Morning Bible Class
Monday, December 19th
  • Happy birthday Dave Welding from the Mayberry’s Gang
  • Happy birthday Marlene Ludwig from your friends in Beemer
  • Happy birthday Abby Schantz love Dad & Mom
Tuesday, December 20th
  • Happy birthday Joseph Schwer love Dad, Mom, Hannah & Cale
Wednesday, December 21st
  • None
Thursday, December 22nd
  • None
Friday, December 23rd
  • None
Saturday, December 24th
  • None
Sunday, December 25th
  • Happy birthday Kathy Haber from the Monday morning Bible Study Group
Monday, December 26th
  • None
Tuesday, December 27th
  • Happy birthday Renee Cleveland from the Martin’s
Wednesday, December 28th
  • None
Thursday, December 29th
  • Happy birthday Clarence Tichota from your friends at the Beemer Senior Center
Friday, December 30th
  • None
Saturday, December 31st
  • Happy birthday Ann Tonjes love your niece, Connie
Sunday, January 1st
  • None
Monday, January 2nd
  • None
Tuesday, January 3rd
  • None
Wednesday, January 4th
  • None
Thursday, January 5th
  • None
Friday, January 6th
  • Happy birthday Pastor Ryan Seymour from the Monday morning Bible Study Group
Saturday, January 7th
  • None
Sunday, January 8th
  • None
Monday, January 9th
  • None
Tuesday, January 10th
  • None
Wednesday, January 11th
  • None
Thursday, January 12th
  • None
Friday, January 13th
  • None
Saturday, January 14th
  • None
Sunday, January 15th
  • None
Monday, January 16th
  • None
Tuesday, January 17th
  • Happy birthday Ty Kaup love Mom, Monte, Abby & Calvin
  • Happy birthday Ty Kaup love Grandpa & Grandma Baumert
  • Happy birthday Ty Kaup from Jason, Jenny, Layne, Kylie, Leah & Blake
Wednesday, January 18th
  • None
Thursday, January 19th
  • None
Friday, January 20th
  • None
Saturday, January 21st
  • None
Sunday, January 22nd
  • None
Monday, January 23rd
  • None
Tuesday, January 24th
  • None
Wednesday, January 25th
  • None
Thursday, January 26th
  • None
Friday, January 27th
  • None
Saturday, January 28th
  • None
Sunday, January 29th
  • None