Buis Says Recent Attack on RFS Inaccurate

Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis says manipulating data and spreading misinformation is not the way to educate lawmakers and drive policy decisions. His remarks followed an American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers teleconference that attacked the Renewable Fuel Standard and blamed increased gas prices on renewable fuels. According to Buis - our energy security is a matter of domestic and national security. He says the fossil-fuel-only approach of oil companies and refiners will do nothing for our growing energy needs expect continue to feed our addiction to foreign oil and line the pockets of oil executives.

Citing AFPM's assertion that the presence of E15 would limit consumer choice if offered in the marketplace - Buis said oil companies and refiners will say and do anything to protect their interests and bottom line. Buis says they pretend to advocate for the consumer - but are actually intentionally blocking a choice and savings at the pump while taking in excessive profits at the consumer's expense. He says it's time for oil companies and refiners to get out of the way and let consumers and retailers make the voluntary decision to use higher fuel blends like E15. Once E15 is more widely available - Buis believes consumers will choose the homegrown fuel that helps support our economy and is better for our environment. He says that's exactly what the oil companies and refiners are afraid of - which is why they are using false data to blame the industry that threatens their record profits and bottom lines. But Buis says the bottom line is that ethanol saves consumers at the pump - and any information stating otherwise is simply false.

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