Cuming County Sheriff Endorses Ricketts For Governor

Sixty-three county sheriffs across the state of Nebraska announced Thursday their endorsement of Pete Ricketts’ bid for governor. “Over the course of this campaign, Pete Ricketts has made the t... Read More


Central Valley Ag Humphrey     Corn -    329    Beans - 949 Oakland    Corn -    320     Beans - 942 Tekamah    Corn -    320    Beans - 942 West Point    Corn -    326    Beans - 944 East Grain Hub    Corn... Read More

COOL Reform Coaltion Asks Congress for Immediate Action

The COOL Reform Coalition has sent a letter to Congress asking for immediate action to change the Country of Origin Labeling rule for muscle cuts of meat. The letter states, " On October 20, 2014, a World Trade Organization (WTO) Compliance Panel re... Read More

American Ethanol Gets Loud and Proud in Texas

Corn farmers in the Lone Star State are bringing their message about the benefits of American Ethanol to NASCAR fans at Texas Motor Speedway this weekend with one of the largest E15 promotions of the year. "We have done 12 major promotions this ye... Read More

West Point City Council Agenda For Nov 4th

WEST POINT, NEBRASKA CITY COUNCIL AGENDA – Tuesday, November 4, 2014 5:00 o'clock P.M. Municipal Building, 444 S. Main Street All agenda items are for discussion and action will be taken as deemed appropriate. The City Council reserves the ri... Read More

Consumer Groups Want Bee Killing Pesticide out of Lowe’s

Consumer campaigns are urging Lowe’s to take ‘bee-killing’ pesticides off its shelves.   Friends of the Earth said the environmental group and its allies have organized more than 30,000 people to “swarm” Lowe’s stores around the country ... Read More


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West Point Native Named Public Health Association of Nebraska President-elect

Brandon Grimm, Ph.D., director of the Office of Public Health Practice in the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s College of Public Health, was named president-elect of the Public Health Association of Nebraska (PHAN) at its annual conference r... Read More

Syngenta Defends Viptera and Duracade

Syngenta faces increased pressure and criticism from the trade scuffle prompted by their sale of Agrisure Viptera and Duracade corn hybrids, but the company isn't backing down. The company's two genetically-engineered corn traits aren't approved for... Read More


Central Valley Ag Humphrey     Corn -    330    Beans - 968 Oakland    Corn -    321     Beans - 961 Tekamah    Corn -    321    Beans - 961 West Point    Corn -    327    Beans - 963 East Grain Hub    Corn... Read More

California drought takes bite out of harvest

WOODLAND, Calif. - California's deepening drought is shrinking its rice harvest, and that's bad news for farmers, migratory birds and sushi lovers. The $5 billion industry exports rice to more than 100 countries and specializes in premium grains use... Read More