Interviews as heard on KTIC 840 Rural Radio

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Jeff Lentz of Class-America talks about the Lexion Field Ready Reconditioning Program  (July 24, Moyer)

Jim Miller from Belden talks about the recent efforts of the US Soybean Export Council  (July 23, Moyer)

UNL's Stevan Knezevic on strategies to prevent herbicide resistance in weed populations  (July 21-22, Moyer) 

Friday markets with Roy Smith on the fall since 6/30, drop dead dates, and summer marketing  (July 18, Moyer) 

NeFBF's Jordan Dux to USDA on a specific crop insurance provision related to natural disasters  (7/16, Moyer)

UNL Ext's Greg Krueger on how sprayer set-up can help prevent herbicide resistant weeds  (July 15, Moyer)

Pt 2 with ISU's Steve Johnson on the farm bill, prepping to educate landowners, and timeline  (July 14, Moyer)

Erica Lewis of West Point on Friday was crowned Queen of the Fremont 4-H Fair.  Congrats!!!  (July 12, Moyer)

Friday markets with Soy Roy Smith on the drop in grains, long term charts, and the summer focus  (July 11, Moyer)

ISU Extension's Steve Johnson on USDA's June 30th reports and a preview of Fri's S&D report  (July 10, Moyer)

Sen Johanns on the livestock indemnity program and USDA changing how losses are calculated (July 9, Moyer)

ASA Past President Steve Wellman on the summer mtg in DC, an award to Johanns, and more  (July 8, Moyer)

Cenex Energy Dist Mgr Tom Lancaster on gas/diesel supply, refining in KS, and summer-fall outlook (July 7, Moyer)

NE Cattlemen's Barb Cooksley and Kristen Hassebrook on 'Common Sense NE' and Ditch the Rule  (July 5, Moyer)

Friday markets with Soy Roy Smith... a day early, and also a Ma's Cafe day!   (July 3, Moyer)

CVA and UFC members approve merger - (New CEO as of 9/1/14) Carl Dickinson provides comments  (July 1, Moyer)

UNL Extension Weed Science Educator Lowell Sandell on glyphosate resistant common ragweed found in NE, and an invite to the Herbicide Resistance Weed Mgt Field Days to be held in Fremont and Lincoln  (July 1-2, Moyer)

NE Farm Bureau's Steve Nelson on the PAC endorsing Ricketts/Heidemann in the Nov election  (June 30, Moyer)

Friday markets with Soy Roy Smith from Cass Co... bump in beans, Monday's reports, and more  (June 27, Moyer)

Madison Co FSA CED Randy Guill on consolidating 4 USDA agencies into one building in Norfolk  (June 24, Moyer)

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on his recent trip to Europe and discussing the potential for a free trade agreement with the European Union, PEDv reporting positive cases, and implementation of the Farm Bill  (June 25-26, Moyer)

Farmer/Feeder JD Alexander of Pilger describes storm damage to his operation, priorities once the storm hit, and the process of cleaning up and moving forward  (June 23, Moyer) 

Soy Roy Smith on the weather high this week on the long term charts, basis and cash bids being switched to some differed months, and the July 4 drop date  (June 20, Moyer)

NRCS' Brad Sonckson on EQIP dollars availabe for disposal of livestock after the tornado  (June 19, Moyer)

Four Points FCU CEO Donnie Price on aid to Farmers Coop-Pilger employees/family members  (June 19, Moyer)

NE Dept of Ag Director Greg Ibach on ag's recovery after the storm and tools to move forward  (June 17, Moyer)

Cuming Co Lvst Feeders Pres Steve Ott on storm damage to feedlots and recovery  (June 17, Moyer) 

Andy Guenther on the open house at R&D Dairy, rural Bancroft, this past weekend  (June 16, Moyer)

Friday market comments with Soy Roy Smith on the recent futures drop, strong basis, and more  (June 13, Moyer)

NRCS Conservationist Jeremiah Schultz on repairing storm damage and cover crops to help heal  (June 12, Moyer)

UNL Extension Weed Science Ed Lowell Sandell on crop disaster decisions related to herbicides  (June 11, Moyer)

UNL Extension Educator Tim Lemmons on crop disaster decisions and crop insurance  (June 11, Moyer)

Dr Tom Burkgren, AASV Exec Dir, with an update on the PED and the latest on the virus  (June 10, Moyer)

ISU Extension Climatologist Elwynn Taylor with a preview of the summer and fall ahead  (June 9, Moyer)

Friday markets with Soy Roy Smith, and looking ahead to the long term rally in June!  (May 30, Moyer)

NPPC's Nick Giordano on the TPP Trade talks and Japan's unwillingness for open trade  (May 29, Moyer)

Friday markets w/ Soy Roy Smith on the bean rally, basis improvement, and a summer rally?  (May 23, Moyer)

Fmr ASA Pres Steve Wellman discusses the WRRDA bill and a tax extenders package in DC  (May 21, Moyer)

UNL Ext. Ed. Keith Glewen on the rain and freeze events and their impact to area crops  (May 20, Moyer)

Friday markets with Soy Roy Smith on the long term charts and a look ahead to summer (May 16, Moyer)

Former board member Curt Frenzen from Fullerton talks about the CVA-UFC merger proposal  (May 15, Moyer)

Recruiting is underway for the next NE LEAD Class... Terry Hejny has some of the details  (May 13, Moyer) 

Bryan Sloan for Governor discussion on ag issues affecting the state, the fed, local, and more  (May 12, Moyer)

Weekly market discussion with Soy Roy Smith on weather, planting, seasonal selling, + more (May 9, Moyer)

Discussion of ag issues with Senator Tom Carlson, Republican candidate for NE Governor  (May 5, Moyer)

Friday markets with Soy Roy Smith... planting progress, basis, long term highlights, and more  (May 2, Moyer)

NeFU Pres John Hansen on the International Year of Family Farming, with a Nebraska connection  (May 1, Moyer)

NC Pres Jeff Rudolph on the session, Brazillian beef, and Midyear mtg, @ CCLFA Banquet in Wisner (April 29, Moyer)

NCBA Pres Bob McCan @ Cuming Co Lvst Feeders Banquet, on the drought, trade, EPA, and more (April 28, Moyer)

Friday markets with Soy Roy Smith on strength in corn and beans, basis, seasonal charts, etc  (April 25, Moyer)

Beau McCoy for Governor interview talking ag issues from water to HSUS to taxes and more  (April 24, Moyer)

Another candidate for Governor, Mike Foley, discusses issues in ag and his run for Gov.  (April 23, Moyer)

Jon Bruning talks about his campaign for NE Gov, on water, EPA, extremists, and ag overall  (April 21, Moyer)

Friday Markets with Soy Roy on recent cash grain strength, the Dead Horse theory, and more  (April 18, Moyer)

Candidate for NE Attorney General Brian Buescher on issues in ag in relation to the AG's office (April 16, Moyer)

Vet Jeremy Van Boening gives an update on trichomoniasis from the NIAA forum in Omaha  (April 14, Moyer) 

NE State Vet Dennis Hughes on PEDv, Trich, and Fed Disease Traceability @ NIAA in Omaha (April 14, Moyer)

Friday market comments with Soy Roy Smith on the seasonal charts, basis, and spring marketing  (April 11, Moyer)

Wayne area farmer Don Nelson talks about the soy checkoff's See It For Yourself trip to the PNW  (April 10, Moyer)

UNL Ext Ed Keith Glewen urges farmers to consider on-farm research this season  (April 9, Moyer)

UFC's Carl Dickinson on the proposed merger between Central Valley Ag and United Farmers Coop (April 7, Moyer)

Friday markets with Soy Roy Smith, reax to USDA reports, basis, keys for April, and more  (April 4, Moyer)

Midwest Diary Assoc's Sherry Newell on a crisis prep and mgt tool available to dairy producers  (April 3, Moyer)

Republican Candidate for NE Gov - Pete Ricketts - talks about his plan to grow NE agriculutre  (April 1-2, Moyer)