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Candidate for NE Attorney General Brian Buescher on issues in ag in relation to the AG's office (April 16, Moyer)

Vet Jeremy Van Boening gives an update on trichomoniasis from the NIAA forum in Omaha  (April 14, Moyer) 

NE State Vet Dennis Hughes on PEDv, Trich, and Fed Disease Traceability @ NIAA in Omaha (April 14, Moyer)

Friday market comments with Soy Roy Smith on the seasonal charts, basis, and spring marketing  (April 11, Moyer)

Wayne area farmer Don Nelson talks about the soy checkoff's See It For Yourself trip to the PNW  (April 10, Moyer)

UNL Ext Ed Keith Glewen urges farmers to consider on-farm research this season  (April 9, Moyer)

UFC's Carl Dickinson on the proposed merger between Central Valley Ag and United Farmers Coop (April 7, Moyer)

Friday markets with Soy Roy Smith, reax to USDA reports, basis, keys for April, and more  (April 4, Moyer)

Midwest Diary Assoc's Sherry Newell on a crisis prep and mgt tool available to dairy producers  (April 3, Moyer)

Republican Candidate for NE Gov - Pete Ricketts - talks about his plan to grow NE agriculutre  (April 1-2, Moyer)

Monsanto's Heather Wolfe on America's Farmers Grow Rural Education - nominate now!  (March 31, Moyer)

Friday markets with Soy Roy Smith and a report preview, basis, and keys moving into April  (Moyer, March 28)

Winfield's Carl Scholting on their new platform NutriSolutions 360, complete crop nutrition  (Moyer, March 27)

Jim Miller from Belden on the USSEC meeting in WashDC and planned world marketing activities  (Moyer, March 25)

Cuming County native Alan Moeller (retired UNL Assistant Vice Chancellor) to be recognized by the UNL Nebraska Hall of Agriculural Achievement  (March 25, Moyer) 

Katie Micik summarizes the results of the DTN Ag Confidence Survey released this morning (March 24, Moyer)

NE Corn Bd's Debbie Borg from Allen on an ethanol fact finding mission to Brazil recently  (March 24, Moyer)

NE Beef Council's Adam Wegner on the NE Best Burger contest and how to participate this week  (March 24, Moyer)

Friday markets with Soy Roy Smith on a move in the basis and marketing ahead of planting  (March 21, Moyer)

NE Cattlemen VP of Mkting Jeff Stolle on the beef markets, high prices, future factors  (March 20, Moyer)

FCSAmerica Sr VP Bob Campbell talks about patronage back to member-owners  (March 20, Moyer)

Gov Heineman and Ag Dir Ibach discuss next week's Nat'l Ag Week celebration here in NE  (March 19, Moyer)

Dupont Pioneer Range Sp Chris Bryan talks about pasture recovery this year after the drought  (March 19, Moyer)

UNL Ext. Ed. Allan Vyhnalek discusses land values, cash rental rates, and considerations in leases  (3/18, Moyer)

Soy Roy Smith on a Friday talks basis, leveling futures, and crop insurance for this year  (March 14, Moyer)

Bill Luckey, Columbus, tells us the Natl Pork Prod Council discussions at Pork Forum last week  (March 13, Moyer)

Jan Miller, NePPA President, with the Pork Board highlights at last week's Pork Forum in KC  (March 12, Moyer)

Battle Creek Coop GM Dean Thernes highlights the Farmers Pride annual meeting this week  (March 11, Moyer)

NE Attorney General Jon Bruning comments on entering the lawsuit regarding Calif egg standards (March 10, Moyer)

Soy Roy Smith on a Friday...  NOTICE - New time - now at 9:20am Friday's on 840-KTIC  (March 7, Moyer)

Antelope Co FSA CED Pat Lechtner talks about what we know about the new farm bill  (March 3, Moyer)

Rounding out the week with Soy Roy Smith market commentary, live from the Women in Ag Conf. (Feb 21, Moyer)

Farmers Coop GM Aaron Becker recaps the annual meeting held in Norfolk on Tuesday  (Feb 19, Moyer)

Syracuse farmer Steve Wellman on a recent CME Group Ag Market Adv. Council meeting  (Feb 19, Moyer)

FCSAmerica Crop Ins. Sp. Casey Krueger talks about this year's crop insuance decisions  (Feb 18, Moyer)

Friday market update with Soy Roy Smith on the market attitude, rally, and keys for Feb  (Feb 14, Moyer)

Cedar County farmer Jim Miller on the US Soybean Export Council soybean export strategy (Feb 13, Moyer)

UNL Ext. Ed. Keith Jarvi updates corn rootworm resistance and pest mgt practices overall  (Feb 3, Moyer) 

Soy Roy Smith with a Friday market update and info on the Feb 4th mkt mtg at the ARDC...  (Jan 31, Moyer)

Sen. Mike Johanns on the schedule to move the farm bill in the Senate, flood insurance bill being voted on in the Senate, EPA and the RFS2, OSHA vs the farmer, and priorities for his last year in the Senate  (Jan 30, Moyer) 

UNL Extension Plant Pathologist Loren Geisler on soybean diseases and new seed treatment  (Jan 29, Moyer)

UNL Extenison Soil Specialist Charles Shapiro on a new nitrogen loss tool to be released  (Jan 28, Moyer)

Soy Roy Smith on the markets, basis, long term seasonal charts, and keys looking forward (Jan 24, Moyer)

UNL Ext Ed Lindsay Chichester talks about using social media to spread the story of ag  (Jan 22, Moyer) 

UNL Professor Dr Tom Hoegemeyer talks about maybe using early maturing corn hybrids  (Jan 20, Moyer)

Roy Smith comments on the rally in the markets, basis, and the long term trends into spring  (Jan 17, Moyer)

The ASA DuPont Young Leader from NE is Matt and Brandy King from Central City.  Listen here!  (Jan 13, Moyer)

Happy New Year!  Soy Roy Smith recaps the DCB for 2013, and what to watch in Jan '14  (Jan 3, Moyer)