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Please include in your classified ad if it's an item for sale or lost & found, also include the town where it is located and a phone number they can call.

No email give call 402-372-5423

Or please out the form below.


KTIC will post the Classified Item on the website for 10 days if you get it sold, given away or found before then please give us a call and we'll take it off the website.
Thank you!

Non-Commercial Classified Advertising

Items under $300: FREE! Ads will be posted within two working days and will run for 10 days. The item price must be mentioned in the ad.

Items $300 or more: $15. Ads will be posted when your check arrives and will run for 10 days.
Mail your check to:

KTIC Radio
Attn: Classifieds
1011 N. Lincoln St
West Point, NE 68788-0084

Commercial Classified Advertising(click here)
Auctions, job listings, and other commercial advertising may also be submitted. You will be contacted with special offers available only to commercial clients.

Restricted Items: KTIC will not post classified advertisements for firearms. KTIC will also not post a classified ad for any item or activity that may be considered questionable or illegal. KTIC reserves the right to refuse any and all classified ads.