Starting the discussion between the generations can be challenging.  We're concerned when we hear about a 50+ year old farming with his parents and the majority of the assets are in the parent's name. For the stability and security of the son's family, he needs to know what's going on with the farm and his livelihood, but starting a conversation with his parents is hard.  Without that conversation, the result is often heartbreak, unfulfilled dreams, hurt family members and even the loss of the business.

We want to help. We are offering you a FREE hardcover 134 page full color book ($15 value) Sometimes You Need More Than a 2x4!...How-to-tips to successfully grow a family business” from Jolene Brown. This is a beautiful, easy to read book filled with a great message for families in business together. The author, Jolene Brown, even suggests that you make it a bathroom book. Throw away everything else. They are in there! They will read it!

Jolene Brown knows that there’s nothing more rewarding, frustrating and challenging than working in a family business. This book brings you the lessons she’s learned by working with family agricultural businesses. She is an Iowa grain farmer, family business advisor and popular professional speaker.

You will also hear some additional interviews in April with Jolene Brown on KTIC Radio. Some of her topics will include

  1. Which are you, a "family-first business" or a "business-first family"?

  2. Hire family members well

  3. Oh, those in-laws!

  4. A conversation is not a contract

  5. It doesn’t matter if the next generation is ready if the senior generation isn’t.

  6. Stop grumbling - Have you listened to yourself lately?

  7. Why do we have to meet, we see each other every day?

  8. Burnt out. Worn out. Stressed out.

  9. Skin in the Game

  10. Become A Better Coach

  11. Money Matters

  12. Pitfalls of not “moving on” - Retirement

  13. Wills can be changed on a whim!

  14. Fair is not always Equal

  15. Leadership or Labor

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