Grilling Safety

The summer grilling season is in full swing - and the Oklahoma Farm Report has some grilling safety tips from Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension housing and consumer specialist Gina Peek. Outdoor grill placement is essential - according to Peek. She says it should be kept at least 10-feet from your house - though farther is even better. Peek says all grills also shouldn't be used underneath wooden overhangs because the fire could flare up into the above structure. When lighting the grill - she says to make sure the lid is always up - as gas can build up inside the grill. Also - check for gas leaks by rubbing a solution of half liquid dish soap and half water on the hoses and connection before turning on the gas. Then - with the lid open - check for large soap bubbles. If large bubbles form - the hoses either have tiny holes or the connections aren't tight enough. Peek also suggests keeping a spray water bottle by the grill to spray any flames that flare up. In the event of a larger fire - she says to use a fire extinguisher. Another tip is to not overload the grill with too much food because if enough fat drips on the flames - a large flare-up can happen quickly. Finally - Peek says to never leave a grill unattended because fires can double in size every 60-seconds. If you follow these grilling safety tips - Peek says families and friends should have a much more enjoyable time together.

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