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Happy Day! Happiness is a choice!

Happy Day!  I have been following David Ward for quite awhile.  I just love what he says about choosing to be happy!  My mom gave lots of speeches to her Mary Kay friends about
Choosing the Color.  It's very similar. Because she IS my mom, perhaps hers was better, but David's is pretty good!  Enjoy!

And CHOOSE to be happy.

Yesterday, I had one of those moments. You know the one I mean. It’s when you’re having a bad day and you are convinced that you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re not good at anything, and you should probably give up and go do something else.
Yeah, that kind of moment.
But then I paused and thought about it. I thought about things that were going well, things that had amazing potential, and things that I was really good at, and the cloud of doom over my head floated away.
Just like that, I went from near despair to being excited about the future, and with that, I got back to work.
Do we really have that kind of power? Can we really just think ourselves into being happy?
You betcha.
Dale Carnegie said, “Remember, happiness doesn’t depend on who you are or what you have; it depends solely on what you think.”
Yes, you can work your way through a funk. But had I tried to suck it up and work my way through my malaise, I’m pretty sure I would have simply found more “proof” of my inadequacies and justification for feeling sorry for myself.
Eventually, I would have forgotten about what was bothering me and returned to my regular chipper self. But instead of having an entire day being down, I was able to get back to “me” in just a few seconds.
When you are feeling blue, or experiencing any kind of negative emotion, instead of charging ahead despite those feelings, “change the subject”. Think about something that feels better when you think it. I might have thought about walking on the beach. That would certainly have felt better and my mood would surely have improved.
I chose another way. Instead of distracting myself from the issue (not being good enough), I found some aspect of that thought that felt better (thinking about what I was good at).
Either way works.
When we are unhappy, we can wait until our circumstances improve and then be happy. Or we can choose to be happy now and use that feeling to improve our circumstances.
Because happiness is a choice.


Are you ready for the Great Nebraska Tractor Ride?

My father-in-law drove right up to my window this morning driving his John Deere A....Can I  go on the Tractor Ride? 

My little girl painted our toenails with tractors.

The family is excited about this year's ride!  Hope to see you soon!

Work somewhere awesome!

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 Life is short. Work somewhere awesome.

Happy Birthday Dear Ryan!

Happy Birthday Dear Ryan! 

Our fine young man would have turned 35 years old today.  He is a cherished and missed friend of the station.  He was an honorable person and someone that always brought joy!  And I miss him wearing his yellow jacket!  Pretty sure we will want to have a dilly bar or a grilled cheese sandwich in your honor today. 

Ryan Guill died 8 years ago.  He will always be in our hearts.


Denny Waddle Award of Achievement

Tim Peterson Receives Denny Waddle Award of Achievement 

The Rural Radio Network named Tim Peterson the winner of the inaugural Denny Waddle Award of Achievement. The award was named for Denny Waddle, former Director of Sales for the Rural Radio Network, world class mentor and friend.  This annual award recognizes stellar performance of one member of the Rural Radio Network sales team.  Tim is dedicated to his clients' success, and that of our entire network.  He is a loyal team member and, after nearly 25 years with our company, recorded the biggest sales revenue year of his career for the past fiscal year.

Congratulations Tim!  The Denny Waddle Award is the most prestigious award within our company.  I had the privilege of being a Manager under Denny's direction for 10 or 11 years before he passed away.  When I grow up, I want to be Denny!

Crazy Sales Crew

Happy Day!

Monday was a blessed day for me!  The Sales Team came over to my house.  Having twins born in about a week has kept me from my normal travels.  The crew brighten my day and refreshed my energy!

Many people are in jobs that they hate and work with people they don't like.  It's very sad to me that people would need to spend that much time with people they didn't enjoy.  I did that once and I am committed to never being in that unhappy position again.  I have mentioned this many times before, but we are very blessed at KTIC to work with a fantastic crew of people!  The entire staff - announcers, production, traffic, sports, news, support, and sales team is a crew of individuals that people live their life trying to find an atmosphere like we have at the station.  We have a working paradise!

Thank you to my work family!

Top Picture includes...Kaela Steffensmeier, Lana Minton, Sherri Sobotka, Nikki Hagedorn and Kristine Kienbaum. 

Bottom Picture includes...Sherri Sobotka, Lana Minton, Judy Mauch, Kristine Kienbaum, Nikki Hagedorn, Kaela Steffensmeier
With my respects!

Happy Day!

Through my career in radio, I have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people.  Most radio people get real excited to meet Little Big Town, Oak Ridge Boys, or Kentucky Headhunters.  I like to meet the people that help me in business and help me to see things differently.  It could be Radio work or Farm / Ranch work. 

About 14-15 years ago, I met Bill Hobbs from Ewing at the BBQ Auction in Bassett, NE.  It's a big 2 day sale!   Lots of cattle, buyers, and sellers.  I am intrigued by all of it!

Well, there were bets going around about how many potloads Hobbs would be buying.  I think 10 - 12 potloads is big.  I certainly never bought that many!  I don't remember the exact number but it was 52 or 54 potloads of cattle.  WOW!  That's a pretty big check to write.  (No, I have never written a check for that much before). 

This weekend, 1075 of his cows are selling at Atkinson Livestock.  His calves are coming up.  Machinery will sell soon.  His land will also sell in December....almost 14,000 acres!  

Mike Tasler from Atkinson Livestock told me that he put this together - nothing was given to him.  Hobbs also had a memory for numbers.  If some cattle got put in the wrong pen, he would remember all the numbers associated - what number bought it, how many calves, weight, price and the pen they were sent to.   Holy Cow!  I would be thrilled just to remember my own when we are selling!

Our world is blessed with many fine folks that have a lot to teach us!  I'm just glad that I had the privilege of meeting Bill Hobbs.  And I appreciate his accomplishments!


Our Friend, Wayne Vermeline

Our friend and Tractor Rider, sweet Wayne Vermeline has passed away.  His funeral is actually today.  Our staff loved this guy and his passion! 

I remember one year his pretty white tractor broke down before the first morning break.  Wayne was still a smiling!  I knew from that moment I wasn't going to forget him!  We checked on him and he said he was packing it up and heading home.  We hate to see that happening! 

Wayne headed home and by the time he got to his place, his son had another tractor loaded on the trailer and he turned around and came back to the ride.  I don't remember if he caught up with us by the afternoon break or what time frame he was back, but I am sure I just gave a look like "Wasn't that you?"   With a B I G Wayne smile, he said he was home, back and ready for the rest of the ride. 

We ran into Wayne quite often and actually just saw him at Husker Harvest Days with his crew of family.  He's just a young fellow at 85.  But we certainly enjoyed our time with him. 

What a joy he has been to have on the Great Nebraska Tractor Ride with us!  We will still be thinking of you Wayne!  God Bless Wayne and his family - we've met several of you over the years.

Thank you for blessing our lives!


In severe weather...

Happy Day! 

How is it that when there is a spotted tornado near my folks place, my Dad is always on the roof watching the weather? Darn kids don't always listen. 

There is a whole list of Do nots....being on the roof is one of them! 



Happy Day,

I love the quote I heard on the radio....
"I must do something" always solves more than
"Something needs to be done."

I love working with people that think "I must do something." 
Isn't that the truth? 


Snapping Corn

Happy Day!

My hubby's favorite way to snap corn....unloading on the go!


Top Ten Majors

Happy Day,

This morning I was reading an article about the Top Ten Majors for college students.  They had a list of:
Most Recommended
Most Researched
Most Valuable (according to Forbes Magazine)

You can guess that engineering, health fields, computer science related fields were included.  Marketing did come up as one of the most researched.  A smart, talented person great in sales will out-earn and be happier than a lot of these other professions.  I am not saying that money is the most important thing.  If you love what you do, the money will follow.  I would be pretty sure that the salespeople on our team LOVE what they do, are HAPPY to help others, and THRIVE when a business owner opens their hearts to some ideas and says....what do you think? 



Happy Day!

Soybeans are starting within the hour 4pm Sunday September 29!   Snapping corn this week too.  Planning on starting corn on October 7th.  Well, that's the plan....


Unsung Heroes

Happy Day!

During the crazy season for farmers (planting, chopping, harvesting), the farmer's wife is an unsung hero! 

"We should be here for lunch tomorrow.  About 8."

Meal plans are prepared even though the lovely wife is heading to work.  Little rain overnight. 

"We are starting after lunch today.  No one will be around to eat."


After a couple of days IN A ROW, I just wonder if this should be considered in the Farm Safety messages?


Silage chopping begins!

Happy Day!

My mother-in-law is not a big fan of silage chopping.  Trucks come flying in and out of the driveway by her house every four and a half minutes.  It's a little nerve racking when the farm is normally peaceful.

Today we start with grain sorghum.  A week ago Sunday, the sorghum in the area started to fall.  Hubby knew what was causing it.  Something that happens every 20 years.  And a week of additional falling grain puts a little stress on timing and feed source for the cattle. So the chopper was here at 8:30 ready to go this morning.  Trucks in place.  Chopper couldn't get it picked up quite right.  So, we are windrowing and the chopper is coming back at 12:30 to start chopping what's windrowed.  And then another neighbor is coming over with his windrower trying to keep ahead of the chopper. 

Thank you for the blessing of the neighbors and family because when it comes to farming, I still appreciate our neighbors helping however they can. What a blessed place we live in. 

Happy Chopping!


They grow up so fast!

Happy Day,

Yesterday, my little one and I were driving past our soybean field and I told her, "the leaves are falling pretty fast.  Won't be too long till they are ready to harvest."

She wipes her eye as if there was a tear..."they grow up so fast."



Fall Calving Begins!

Happy Day!  What a great way to wake up and see the mommy and baby looking so much alike!  We have three born so far....more to go!

1952 hay barn

Happy Day!

Monday night, the guys and my little girl moved small square hay bales up to the hay loft into the barn.  The barn was built in 1951 or 1952 by my father-in-law's Uncle.  He used wood from another building a couple miles away to build this beautiful barn.  It's solid and strong. Through the years, it has served many purposes.  A dairy barn when hubby was growing up and then after we were married, we farrowed a lot of beautiful little pigs.  I grew up on a farrow to finish farm.  It's sad not to have some around now. 

The ceiling of the hay loft has a rail track and still holds the original monster rope.  There is a pulley on one end of the barn and when they needed to put things up there, a tractor, pulley and strong hands would do the work. 

My nephew climbed the old rope the other night on the first try.  Wow!   That was cool to see!  My little girl would hang onto the rope and jump from the bales to swing.  The other attempting persons can remain nameless. Thank you.

After the barn was built, the Uncle is said to have done a handstand on the peak of the rooftop.  We don't have pictures to prove it, but I will say, I don't have a picture of my nephew climbing the rope, but I still know it was true.

Have a great week!


Yep! Tractor Ride is almost full!

Happy Day! 

Jodi didn't get much of a break this year between the 2013 Tractor Ride and the 2014 Tractor Ride.  We are 50 weeks away from the next ride and we are almost full!  Boot scoot and send in your Tractor Ride registration and get your hotel rooms...They are also almost full!

The Tractor Ride team found their happy manageable, less stress number and when we get there....we won't be able to slide anyone else in.

Thank you for the great support with the Great Nebraska Tractor Ride!  We will continue as long as its enjoyable for all!


Great Nebraska Tractor Ride - 2014

Holy Cow!  We can tell that the people didn't get into a previous ride are sending in their registrations super fast now.  Just guessing 50 percent of the positions are filled....and people just got their forms on June 22nd. 

For my friend on the ride that always says I should write more on my blog....hope yours was sent in!


West Point Implement and Design

Happy Day!

Sometimes we get so busy in our lives that all of a sudden the kids are graduating, businesses have been around longer and life just keeps flying!  I appreciate it when a business, especially a family business, slows down to appreciate how things have progressed. 

This is a link to a youtube video about West Point Implement and Design.  I loved looking at the pictures of the West Point Implement business many years ago.  Spend a little time watching the older pictures and hopefully you can accept their invitation to come and celebrate on Saturday July 6th.

Here is the video:



Optimist you

Happy Day!

The other day, I thought I should have two of me...."I can only handle one optimist you" says my co-worker.

People are different. Are they?

No person is like another person...exactly.   I found an interesting article about passwords that people keep. 

The odd's of a hacker randomly guessing the correct number is 1 in 10,000. 
If he has three tries, odds increase to one in 3,333.
If your PIN is your birth date, a year in the 1990s, or an obvious numerical sequence, the odds go way up. 

The group found that the three most popular combinations are
and 0000. 
The three combinations account for 20 percent of all four-digit passwords. 
Every four-digit combination that starts with "19" ranks above the 80th percentile in popularity. 

Month/day combinations - those in which the first two digits are between 01 and 12 and the last two are between 01 and 31 are also popular.  SO choosing your birthday or birth year makes your password significantly easier to guess. 

The least popular combination, 8068 appears in less than .001 percent of the time. 
Other unpopular PINS are 8093, 9629, 6835 and 7637.

So as different as we are.  We are awfully similar.  And that sure does help in marketing.

Original article by Will Oremus and printed in Readers Digest.


Happy Day!

When my dad was done planting corn, he would have one can a beer. When he was done planting soybeans, he would have one beer. My dad didn't drink very much so this was memorable for me. I mentioned my memory to him a few years ago and he didn't remember. I am guessing it maybe happened twice and it was concrete in my brain as tradition.

Well, hubby is done planting corn today. So, I am going to get some pizza and carry on the tradition.

Hope your planting is going well!


Married to a farmer during planting

Happy Day!

This is the time of year my hubby has lots of advice for companies.

Today's lesson ....came from a secretary putting his call in voice mail.  Hubby needs to talk to someone to answer his question.  The secretary puts him into someone's voice mail.  "But I need to talk to someone" he says.  

Surely hubby isn't the only one that thinks he is the only person with a question and as a person that answers a lot of calls I know it is challenging on both sides.

Tis the season to service farmers. Quick response is expected.