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South Korea, US begin discussing end to military drills

(SEOUL) -- South Korea and the United States have begun discussions to end joint military displays that have long angered North Korean leadership.President Donald Trump surprised many with his announcement on Tuesday that the U.S. "will be stopping the war games" because the drills with South Korea were "expensive" and…... Read More

Eiffel Tower installing bulletproof glass walls to protect monument from terror attacks

(PARIS) -- The Eiffel Tower will soon be surrounded with bulletproof glass walls to protect the iconic monument from terrorist threats.Since the terror attacks that killed 130 people in Paris and Saint-Denis on Nov. 13, 2015, the iconic tower has been under constant surveillance. French soldiers and policemen patrol the…... Read More

'Aquarius' ship carrying hundreds of migrants set to arrive in Spain after international controversy

(VALENCIA, Spain) -- For 629 migrants on board a ship in the Mediterranean Sea, this weekend could mark the end of an international controversy over their final destination.On Saturday, Spain plans to welcome the Aquarius ship, which has been making an 800-mile humanitarian journey with international supervision due to safety…... Read More

Trump administration reinstates funding to Syrian aid group White Helmets

(WASHINGTON) -- President Donald Trump has authorized the release of $6.6 million in funding to the humanitarian group the Syrian Civil Defense, commonly referred to as the White Helmets, according to the State Department. “The United States government strongly supports the White Helmets who have saved more than 100,000 lives…... Read More

A year later, Grenfell Tower fire victims remembered

(LONDON) -- Londoners who lost loved ones in the Grenfell Tower fire marked the anniversary at the remnants of the building Thursday with a moment of silence to remember the 72 victims who died.Many wiped away tears and carried white flowers in their hands. Some wore green as part of…... Read More

Trump seen in awkward exchange of salutes with North Korean general on state TV

(PYONGYANG, North Korea) -- President Donald Trump saluted a North Korean general in an awkward moment captured on video and broadcast by North Korean state media on Thursday.The brief interaction was featured in a 42-minute-long program about Tuesday's unprecedented summit between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The…... Read More

Ireland to vote on removing blasphemy from constitution

(DUBLIN) -- Less than a month after Ireland held a remarkable referendum vote that legalized abortion, government officials announced plans this week to hold a referendum on removing the offense of blasphemy from its constitution.Ireland’s constitution, which was written in 1937 following its independence from the United Kingdom, states that…... Read More

US Ambassador returns letter written by Christopher Columbus to the Vatican

(ROME) -- The U.S. ambassador to the Vatican returned a letter written by Christopher Columbus after it was stolen and replaced with a forgery, officials said.“The Columbus Letter, as it is known, is an account of the explorer’s discovery of America written in 1493 to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella…... Read More

Senators move to prevent Trump from removing US troops in South Korea

(WASHINGTON) -- A pair of Senate Democrats introduced a bill Wednesday that would prevent President Donald Trump from unilaterally drawing down the American troop presence on the Korean peninsula – not necessarily because he’s said he will, but because they don’t want to rely on his word that he won’t.Other…... Read More

A year later, survivors of London's Grenfell Tower fire try to cope

(LONDON) -- Omar Alhaj Ali recently had a dream about his brother Mohammad, who died in last year’s fire in London's Grenfell Tower apartment complex where they both lived.In the dream, Mohammad told him, ‘don’t worry, everything will be fine. The family will be good. Your life will be good.’“That…... Read More

Assault on Yemen's largest port threatens to increase mass starvation

(SANAA, Yemen) -- A military coalition led by Saudi Arabian and United Arab Emirates forces, with vital guidance and supplies provided by the United States, has launched the largest assault of Yemen's war, with an attack on the massive port city of Hodeidah.As many as 22 million people -- three-quarters…... Read More

How North Korea is portraying Kim Jong Un's historic summit with Trump

(PYONGYANG, North Korea) -- The portrayal of Tuesday's historic summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is following predictable patterns in the U.S., often falling along party lines. But how is it playing out inside Kim's kingdom?All of the media, limited as it may be,…... Read More

Trump proclaims 'there is no longer a nuclear threat' upon return from summit

(WASHINGTON) --  President Donald Trump took to Twitter to reassure Americans to "sleep well tonight" upon landing in Washington, D.C., early Wednesday morning after the landmark summit in Singapore between the United States and North Korea.He tweeted out a few congratulations to candidates running in primary races on Tuesday, in…... Read More

Trump's pledge to stop 'war games' with South Korea throws critical exercises into question

(WASHINGTON) -- The biggest surprise to emerge from President Donald Trump's summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Un in Singapore was not included in the final agreement: Trump's pledge to stop U.S. military exercises routinely held with South Korea. Trump's pledge has drawn criticism as giving North Korea too much…... Read More