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Daughter loses 55 pounds to donate kidney to her 'superhero' father

(NEW YORK) -- After being told she was too overweight to donate a lifesaving kidney to her father, a Georgia woman lost more than 55 pounds in order to save the life of her "superhero" dad."He is my superhero. He is the man I have looked up to all my…... Read More

Mysterious substance sickens Ohio prison officers, nurses and inmates, requiring overdose-reversal drug

(CHILLICOTHE, Ohio) -- Multiple inmates and employees at an Ohio state prison received an overdose-reversal drug Wednesday morning after being exposed to an unknown substance, authorities said.A total of 24 people at the Ross Correctional Institution in Chillicothe -- including officers, nurses and inmates – were exposed and then transported…... Read More

Selfless mom donates more than 100 gallons of breast milk

(CARLSBAD, Calif.) -- When Tabitha Frost learned she was overproducing breast milk, she wanted to use her surplus to help other mothers.The mother of three has since pumped and gifted an impressive 15,000 ounces, more than 117 gallons."I'm happy to help," Frost, a blogger from Carlsbad, California, told "Good Morning…... Read More

Ketamine may be helpful in treating depression, study shows

(NEW YORK) -- Ketamine, typically considered a recreational drug, has been shown to help people suffering from depression who haven't responded to other medications, a new study has shown.Researchers at Stanford University assigned a group of 30 people suffering from depression to receive either ketamine and naltrexone, a drug known…... Read More

Texas nurse fired after posting about patient's measles on anti-vaccination page

(HOUSTON) -- A nurse at a hospital in Texas where a toddler tested positive for measles has been fired after she posted about the diagnosis on an anti-vaccination website, according to hospital officials.The employee's firing comes just one day after Texas Children's Hospital said it was investigating the incident."We were…... Read More

As teens turn to cosmetic surgery, study outlines new age-appropriate guidelines

(NEW YORK) -- In an age of social media, when teens are frequently comparing themselves to others and receiving instant comment on their appearance, a greater number of teens than ever are seeking -- and having -- cosmetic surgery procedures.But, many of these procedures have not been tested on teens.…... Read More

Yoga class done on water tests your mind, body, spirit and balance

(NEW YORK) -- Pools are not just for swimming anymore.They are now places you can downward dog, chair pose, child’s pose or namaste your way to ultimate relaxation, if you’re able to -- literally -- stay on board.TMPL GYM in New York City holds its yoga class right in the…... Read More

Deaths from drugs, alcohol and suicide now outpace diabetes, study shows

(NEW YORK) -- Deaths from self injury, a category that includes drug and alcohol use and committing suicide, has surpassed diabetes as the seventh-leading cause in the U.S., a study has shown. Self-injury mortality is a term that encompasses deaths due to accidental and non-accidental drug-intoxication, as well as suicide,…... Read More

New research says an aspirin a day may not always keep the doctor away

BY: DR. RYAN GUINNESS (NEW YORK) -- Approximately one in two American adults takes aspirin on a regular basis. It has been the recommended medication for patients at risk of heart attack and stroke and for survivors of these events.However, new research presented at the European Society of Cardiology 2018…... Read More

Children may care about their reputations earlier than thought: Study

(NEW YORK) -- The fear of judgment is a real human concern – and may begin as early as 14 months, a new study shows.Researchers at Emory University looked at the behavior of 144 children, ages 14 to 24 months, in a variety of scenarios. In the first scenario they…... Read More

1 in 12 kids taking multiple medications at risk for a major drug interaction: Study

(NEW YORK) -- Not much is known about how teens and children use prescription medications, but a new study published in Pediatrics provides some insight.Researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago looked at how many prescriptions are being issued to this age group, how many medications they were taking…... Read More

When small bugs cause big problems: This insect's bite can lead to heart disease

(NEW YORK) -- A rare parasitic disease that can lead to heart failure or stroke may be more common in the United States than many medical providers realize, with an estimated 300,000 people affected.Chagas disease is spread by an insect known as the kissing bug. An estimated 8 million people…... Read More

Mother speaks out after daughter attempts 'fire challenge'

(NEW YORK) -- When Brandi Owens saw her daughter, Timiyah, running toward her engulfed in flames, she shut down. "I almost just folded. I almost just fell apart. I almost really just lost my mind, looking at my baby on fire," Owens told ABC News. "Seeing her in flames from…... Read More

What is glioblastoma?

(NEW YORK) -- Sen. John McCain has decided to discontinue treatment of his brain cancer, his family said Friday. McCain was diagnosed last year with an aggressive form of brain cancer known as glioblastoma multiforme. His family said at the time, "the prognosis was serious." Below are answers to some…... Read More