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Misinformation around abortion bills causing confusion and fear for patients

(NEW YORK) -- Dalton Johnson knew that his phone would be ringing off the hook.Every time Alabama lawmakers or courts move on a bill that chisels away at abortion rights, patients call in with questions for the Alabama Women's Center, one of the three clinics that provide abortions in the…... Read More

How much is too much? Test could show effect of gaming on your kid’s brain

(NEW YORK) -- Cash, a 10-year-old boy who lives in Los Angeles, is obsessed with the game Fortnite, his mother Rusti says. Fortnite represents the current pinnacle of game theory and player engagement. It's filled with bloodless violence, intensity and it's peppered with random surprises.It's constantly being updated with pop-culture…... Read More

Life after suicide -- for an ABC News correspondent

(NEW YORK) -- James Longman, a successful foreign correspondent for ABC News, is in a club no one wants to belong to: suicide survivors."There's been a lot of secrecy in my family about it. This is not something that people want to talk about now, let alone all these years,"…... Read More

Parents tackle common football injury that took their son's life

(NEW YORK) -- For one Florida couple, their life's work to prevent injuries among young athletes is motivated by the loss of their son, Taylor.Every parent's worst nightmare came true for Kathy and Brian Haugen when they lost their son when he was just 15 years old. He died while…... Read More

Mediterranean diet may help protect against symptoms of depression

(NEW YORK) -- The Mediterranean-style diet, long associated with longer life and reduced risk of cancer, may also help protect against depression, new research shows.Researchers in Greece found that a diet rich in vegetables and lower in poultry and alcohol -- two hallmarks of the Mediterranean diet -- was associated…... Read More

Supreme Court blocks bid to sue Merck over Fosamax bone fractures

(WASHINGTON) -- A unanimous Supreme Court has blocked, for now, a class-action lawsuit against pharmaceutical giant Merck over "atypical femoral fractures" caused by osteoporosis drug Fosamax.More than 500 Fosamax users from 45 states contend the company failed to warn them or their doctors of the danger, despite early evidence suggesting…... Read More

Measles cases continue to climb but not as rapidly as before

(NEW YORK) -- The number of measles cases in the U.S. continues to climb but at a slightly slower rate than previous weeks.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said there have been 880 cases in the U.S. since January.The number of measles cases in 2019 has already blown past…... Read More

Paralyzed man completes 3,100-mile cross-country journey from California to Washington, DC

(WASHINGTON) -- Janne Kouri, who was paralyzed in 2006, has accomplished what most able-bodied people will never do. He completed a 3,100-mile ride across the country, from California to Washington, D.C.Kouri completed the ride to raise money and awareness for people living with paralysis. He used a specialized power chair…... Read More

Whoopi Goldberg’s doctors reveal she had a 1 in 3 chance of dying during pneumonia battle

(NEW YORK) -- The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg was joined by her doctors, Dr. Jorge Rodriguez and Dr. Martin Greenberg, on Monday morning to share the story of how close she was to death's door during her battle with double pneumonia and sepsis earlier this year.Goldberg said that she had…... Read More

23-month-old girl gets surprise Disney princess send-off after 6-week hospital stay

(SEATTLE) -- Emma Krall has spent much of the first 23 months of her life in a hospital. The Seattle, Washington, toddler was born nine weeks premature on June 20, 2017, and spent the next eight months in the hospital.She was born with campomelic dysplasia, a potentially life-threatening disorder that…... Read More

Chicago identifies 1st case of measles, nation experiencing worst outbreak in 25 years

(CHICAGO) -- Health officials in Chicago have confirmed the city's first case of measles, the latest in the worst outbreak in the U.S. in the last 25 years. The Chicago Department of Public Health said officials identified an individual with the virus on Friday. In a statement, the city said…... Read More

Gap in suicide rates among teen boys, girls is closing: Study

(NEW YORK) -- Teen suicide trends have long shown differences between the sexes: While girls have been more likely to attempt suicide, boys have died by suicide at higher rates. This disparity, however, may be getting smaller. Suicide rates among both girls and boys ages 10 to 19 had been…... Read More

While some states are restricting abortion, others move to bolster access

(NEW YORK) -- The abortion debate in America has lately been dominated by news that conservative lawmakers in Alabama, Georgia, Ohio and Missouri had approved sweeping new restrictions to abortion access. But meanwhile, several states with Democratic majorities have been pushing through bills that fortify abortion rights. While proponents of…... Read More

Hollywood's influence comes into focus in Georgia as celebrities slam Republicans over abortion laws

(WASHINGTON) -- Amid a wave of new anti-abortion laws passed in several states this week, celebrities — from A-list musicians like Lady Gaga and Rihanna to Hollywood heavyweights like Kerry Washington, Reese Witherspoon and Jordan Peele — are using their platforms to express their outrage. But as "heartbeat" abortion bans…... Read More